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Celestis honors our American heroes



Celestis is honored to be the choice of many veterans and their families.

Staff Sergeant John Cleaver and U.S. Army Specialist Caleb Raye White will both be aboard The Heritage Flight when it lifts off from Cape Canaveral Florida in 2019. Each man leaves behind devoted family and each man was accomplished in life far beyond his years. Below are the words of their families.

Celestis can only add its thanks and respect. We will complete the task of celebrating and commemorating their lives with special care.

SSGT John James Cleaver

SSGT John James Cleaver, a member of the 82nd Airborne, age 36, was killed in action in Afghanistan, November 19, 2009 by a suicide bomber with a VB-IED. He, Sgt. Daniel Frazier and two other unarmed paratroopers prevented the bomber from entering the main gate by running in front of the vehicle and deterring it. The bomber detonated. Read SSGT Cleaver’s full biography….

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US Army Specialist Caleb White

U.S. Army Specialist Caleb Raye White excelled in his training and accomplishments. He was Airborne, Air Assault, paratrooper, Radio Signals Operator attached to the Special Forces. He had gone through Ranger Selection and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2015. Read SPC White’s full biography….


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