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Luna Service

The Luna service places the Celestis spacecraft carrying cremated remains or DNA on the surface of our nearest neighbor — the Moon — creating a permanent memorial on a distant, but constantly viewable world.  

"I miss him every day. But to this day, you know, I look up at the Moon and I can imagine him up there….” --Carolyn Shoemaker

Next Luna Mission

Touching Another World

Inaugurated in 1998 by NASA’s selection of Celestis to assist in honoring legendary scientist Dr. Eugene Shoemaker aboard the Lunar Prospector spacecraft, the Luna Service sends Flight Capsules of cremated remains or DNA samples to Earth’s moon. 

What could be more compelling than looking up in the night sky at our glowing neighbor, knowing your loved one has completed a journey accomplished by so few? The Celestis spacecraft is a permanent lunar memorial for adventurous souls.

Celestis Luna missions also permit – for the first time in human history – off Earth storage for DNA and digital data archives.  All missions are conducted in strict adherence to international and national law, are easy to arrange, and provide a performance guarantee.

Reservations are open for the Celestis Destiny Flight.

Space Funeral

Astronaut Gene Cernan

"Nobody can take those footsteps I made on the surface of the Moon away from me."

-- Astronaut Eugene Cernan, the last person to walk on the Moon

Space Launch Experience

Millions once travelled to Cape Canaveral to view powerful Saturn 5 rockets lift humans to the Moon.

Today a new generation of Moon missions will carry precious cargo to the lunar surface – including Celestis Luna Flight Capsules. Loved ones and family members gather from around the world to attend a most uniquely compelling, three-day memorial service, ultimately witnessing the liftoff of a modern Moon rocket!

Spectators at Apollo 10 launch

Apollo 10 launch spectators

Viewing a Moonshot

Celestis Luna Service missions are presented across multiple digital platforms. The world will be tracking the spacecraft as it makes its way to the Moon.

Celestis produces a custom video of the experience, provided to each participant’s family.

Family sits in front of television to witness an Apollo mission.

Family sits in front of television to witness an Apollo mission.

Luna Service Details

Whether you celebrate the life of a loved one, honor your parents, or plan to fulfill your own dream of spaceflight, the Luna service is the most extraordinary way to celebrate life.

Destination: Moon

Launch to lunar orbit/lunar surface of a personalized, individual flight capsule containing cremated remains or DNA sample.

Launch Invitation

Attend all Celestis launch events including launch site tour, astronaut dinner, memorial service, and launch viewing from a preferred location. Most events are webcast, permitting participation by friends and loved ones unable to attend.


Celestis produces a custom video of the experience, provided to each participant’s family. An official Certificate of Mission Completion, specifying mission accomplishments, is also included.

Veterans Preference

Celestis proudly offers a reduced price for veterans.

Performance Guarantee

The Celestis contract contains a performance guarantee offering a complimentary second mission should the first mission attempt fail to achieve success.

Advance Planning

Plan a Luna Service contract in advance and receive a price guarantee, invitations to Celestis launches, and peace of mind. Payment plans are available for all Celestis services.

Other Memorial Spaceflight Services

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