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Welcome to the Memorial Spaceflights Blog!  We post stories about our honored celebrants aboard upcoming missions, updates on future missions, and about the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight experience.

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Space Funeral Destinations: Exploring the Cosmos in Memoriam

Discover a profound innovation in honoring the deceased with Celestis' space funerals - a blend of cosmic wonder and advanced technology.

How Flights to the Moon are Transforming Space Travel

Explore the transformative power of technology in shaping the future of lunar tourism and human exploration beyond Earth. Discover Celestis Luna, an innovative lunar memorial service that is leading the way in commemorating loved ones on the moon.

Cost Analysis of Different Memorial Options for Ashes

Find cost-effective options for ash memorials and gain an understanding of the financial considerations of choosing a fitting tribute for your departed loved one.

Space Burial Myths Debunked

Debunking common space burial myths. Explore the facts and misconceptions surrounding celestial send-offs in this eye-opening article.

Planning a Meaningful Interment of Ashes Ceremony

Plan a touching interment of ashes ceremony that honors your loved one's memory. Let us guide you in creating a meaningful farewell.

Cultural Traditions for Memorializing with Ashes

Explore diverse cultural practices for honoring the departed with ashes. Learn how different traditions celebrate life and memory.

Celebrating the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse: A Celestial Event Like No Other

Experience the 2024 total solar eclipse safely with your loved ones. Our guide shows you how to enjoy this rare event to the fullest.

Cremation Memorialization: The Evolution of Cremation Memorials in the Digital Age

Explore the transformation of cremation memorials in the digital era. Discover new ways to preserve memories and commemorate loved ones.

15 Heartfelt and Unique Outdoor Memorial Concepts to Honor Your Loved One

Honor your departed loved one with these 15 unique outdoor memorial concepts. Find inspiration for creating a heartfelt and lasting tribute.

Spaceflight Services Today: Launching Dreams into Reality

Explore spaceflight services today and witness the rise of spaceflight tourism. Learn more about this exciting industry and its prospects.

10 Innovative Funeral Alternatives for the Modern Age

Funerals aren't what they used to be. For your final farewell or honoring a departed loved one, consider these 10 contemporary creative funeral alternatives.

Space Tourism: The Next Big Thing in Travel and Memorial Services

Explore the most recent developments in space tourism and celestial memorials and discover the synergy between exploration and remembrance.

Beyond the Horizon: Exploring DNA Banking as a Cosmic Memorial Option with Celestis

Discover an exceptional method to pay tribute and commemorate the life of a loved one. Learn more about DNA banking with Celestis as a celestial memorial choice.

Notable People Who Chose Space Funerals

Discover the extraordinary stories of notable individuals who opted for space funerals. Explore their final frontier journey and legacy in this article.

The Importance of Pre-Planning Cremation Memorial Services

Discover the significance of pre-arranging cremation memorials. Secure serenity, lighten loved ones' load, and ensure a meaningful farewell through proactive planning.

The Ethics and Regulations of Sending Ashes to the Moon

Examine the ethical and legal aspects of this innovative celestial homage. To ensure a respectful tribute, explore the implications of sending ashes to the moon, including ethics, impacts on lunar ecosystems, and the need for regulatory frameworks.

Creative Living Funeral Ceremonies to Celebrate Life

Discover unique and heartfelt ways to honor loved ones through innovative living funeral ceremonies. Celebrate their life while they're still with us.

Celestis’ Enterprise and Tranquility Flights: Updates and Progress Towards Launch

United Launch Alliance has provided updates regarding the inaugural Vulcan Centaur launch, which will loft Celestis' Enterprise and Tranquility Memorial Spaceflights to deep space and the Moon, respectively.

The Emotional Impact of Space Funerals: Healing and Finding Solace among the Stars

Discover the transformative power of space funerals, offering solace and emotional healing as loved ones find eternal rest among celestial wonders.

Exquisite Spiral Over Fairbanks, Alaska Verified to Be Celestis’ Excelsior Flight Reentry

The exquisite spiral over Fairbanks, Alaska that occurred in April has been verified to be Celestis' Excelsior Flight reentering Earth's atmosphere like a shooting star, serving as an unprecedented tribute.

Celestial Farewells: How to Plan and Book Your Space Funeral

Honor a loved one with a space funeral. Learn about the benefits, available providers, and selection to create a memorable memorial in the stars.

The Benefits of Creating a Memorial for Ashes

Discover the emotional benefits of creating a meaningful memorial for ashes. Finding peace and healing by honoring your loved one with a heartfelt tribute.

10 Special and Heartfelt Ways to Scatter Your Loved One’s Ashes

Saying goodbye is never easy. Explore 10 special and unique methods for scattering ashes to honor your loved one's memory and celebrate the time you spent together.

The Evolution of Space Funerals and Where We’re Headed

Explore the fascinating history and future of space funerals. Get a glimpse of where we're headed in honoring our deceased beyond Earth's boundaries.

Top 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Memorial Space Funeral

Send your beloved's ashes into eternity with Celestis. Explore 7 reasons to consider a memorial space funeral and create a lasting tribute in their honor.

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Memorial Place for Your Loved One’s Ashes

Learn what to consider when selecting a memorial place for a loved one's ashes, from location and sentimentality to accessibility and cost. Here's a quick guide.

Presidents Washington, Eisenhower, and Kennedy to Fly Aboard Celestis’ Enterprise Flight

Biologists currently utilize DNA to track the movements and evolution of the world’s diverse civilizations, mapping out how modern society came to be. So can the DNA of three American presidents tell future civilizations about our society? Read further to discover how.

Creative Time Capsule Ideas

Preserving your story and memories for the future is easier than you think. Check out these creative time capsule ideas to get started.

Sending A Cosmic Message In A Bottle

Find out why sending a space time capsule into the cosmos is a powerful and inspiring way to share our stories and dreams with future generations.

Celestis FAQs: How Do I Preplan My Memorial Spaceflight?

It’s entirely understandable – many are not yet ready to think about their final burial disposition; not many people want to think about their passing and burial choices. However, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights works with its clients to ensure that their final decisions are carried out to the letter.

“I Will Make It”: Fred Haise’s New Website Reveals Space History Treasure Trove

Astronaut Fred Haise, who will speak at Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Tranquility Flight, is one of the few astronauts who participated in both the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. His new website contains journals that capture his life and career in his own words.

Celestis in 2023: A Look Forward to New Horizons

In 2023, as Celestis approaches its 30th year, the company boasts spaceflights encompassing each of its memorial spaceflight services. This is a first in Celestis’ decades-long history and marks just the beginning of what promises to be a historic year for the company.

Celestis’ Tranquility Flight: Our Moon and Why We Explore It

In early 2023, over 50 years since NASA’s final Apollo mission, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights Tranquility Flight will proudly be a part of the world’s first commercial lunar landing. Read more about why the Moon still deserves to be explored.

To Boldly Go: Nichelle Nichols’ 90th Celebrated With Unveiling of Foundation

When Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols died in late July at age 89, she was lauded as the trailblazer she was during her lifetime. However, her story is far from over. In early 2023, she will fly alongside the DNA of her son, Kyle Johnson, aboard Celestis’ Enterprise Flight. In addition, the Nichelle Nichols Foundation – announced today, on what would have been her 90th birthday – will continue to promote diversity in STEM fields.

Give Truly Eternal Gifts: Celestis DNA™ and Celestis MindFiles™

Have you ever wanted to give your loved one a truly unique, everlasting gift? Consider Celestis DNA™ and Celestis MindFiles™.

Discussing Celestis With Your Family and Loved Ones

Discussions about what to do when one passes away can be difficult – so much so that many families avoid the subject altogether. Here's how to discuss Celestis with your family and loved ones.

Space Gifts for Space Lovers

If searching for the best space gift for the space lover in your life on your holiday shopping list, check out our guide for space-themed presents.

Why I Am Sending a Celestis MindFile™ to Deep Space

Why did Celestis' Director of Content, Emily Carney, purchase her own Celestis MindFile™? The answer is not as apparent as it might seem.

Message Sent Into Space (And What We've Heard Back)

Radio technology has come a long way since the 1900s, making communicating with extraterrestrial beings more advanced. Learn more about this fantastic topic here.

Celestis’ Aurora Flight: Important Agenda Updates and Travel Tips for New Mexico

This blog post will review the updated Aurora Flight schedule and share travel tips to ensure guests enjoy a comfortable stay in New Mexico.

How to Plan a Meaningful Celebration of Life

Losing a loved one is always a tough time. But you can honor their memory by planning a celebration of life. Here are some ideas to get you started.

4 Unique Pets Memorial Gifts

Honor your pet with these unique pet memorial gifts. These are ways to pay tribute to your pet's life while continuing your grief journey.

Renowned Passengers On-Board the Enterprise Flight

Douglas Hunt Trumbull, visionary inventor, and Dr. Nolan Walborn, renowned spectral classification expert, will board the upcoming Enterprise flight.

Human Space Exploration: Your Ticket Awaits

Did you know that there are opportunities for the average citizen to get involved in human space exploration? Here are some of the ways.

Unique Memorial Ideas for Pets

A pet memorial is a great way to remember your beloved furry friend. Here are some unique memorial ideas for pets to honor them after their death.

Upcoming Moon Missions

The moon has always been a source of fascination. Learn more about the upcoming missions to the moon that will allow us to explore it further!

Celestis’ Aurora Flight: The Meaning and Beauty of Aurorae

Aurora is the name for the Roman goddess of dawn, which is when the Aurora Flight will take place on Wednesday, November 30th. But what causes this phenomenon, and why do they take place? How does the Sun, approximately 92 million miles from our home planet, cause such an extravagant light show near Earth’s poles?

New Mexico Attractions, Museums, and Parks: Updated November 2022

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Aurora Flight is scheduled to launch on November 30th, 2022, from New Mexico’s Spaceport America, which is approximately 45 miles north of Las Cruces. There are a variety of attractions to enjoy in “The Land of Enchantment” during the days before and after Celestis’ next Earth Rise Service.

Celestis’ Aurora Flight Launch Event: Agenda Rundown and Registration

Launch attendance packages for the Aurora Flight are now on sale. Moreover, a launch event agenda has been put together, starting with registration and ending with a real-life space launch.

Space Burials in Pop Culture, Part Two

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights has been featured in television, movies, art, and even board games since its founding in 1994. Also, in the mid-1960s, a movie predicted the idea of memorial spaceflights.

Space Burials in Pop Culture, Part One

In this two-part article, we revisit space funerals on the big and small screens to accentuate that the concept is part of our “cultural imperative” and discuss appearances by Celestis in the media that have given visibility to the idea.

Milestone Achieved: Enterprise and Tranquility Flight Updates

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights is pleased to announce that a significant milestone has been reached in preparation for its upcoming Enterprise and Tranquility Flights.

Apollo 13 Astronaut Fred Haise to Speak at Celestis’ Tranquility Flight

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights proudly announces that Apollo and Space Shuttle legend Fred W. Haise, Jr. will speak at its Moon-bound Tranquility Flight.

Why Enterprise Station is Different from Other Deep Space Missions, Part 2

With its roots firmly implanted in the birth of commercial spaceflight, Celestis has long been dedicated to democratizing space and making it accessible to “regular folks” – like you and me. Read more about how Enterprise Flight – and Enterprise Station – will make that possible.

Why Enterprise Station is Different from Other Deep Space Missions, Part 1

One of the significant differences distinguishing Enterprise Station from other deep space missions is that it truly represents the breadth and scope of humanity with its contributions – from people like you. Read more in Part 1 of this series to discover the Celestis difference.

Aurora Flight Participant Spotlight: Jacob Ryan, Spaceman

Before Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Aurora Flight lifts off on November 30th, we will showcase several flight participants, remember their lives, and celebrate their legacy. We are honored to feature the story of Jacob Ryan, written by his father, Mr. Ryan Gross.

Celestis’ Aurora Flight: Helpful New Mexico Travel Tips

This blog post will share tips for Aurora Flight families and friends so that they may stay comfortable, warm, and hydrated during their time in New Mexico.

Celestis: The Astronauts’ Choice in Memorial Spaceflights, Part 2

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights will fulfill the lifetime dream of former NASA astronaut-scientist Dr. Philip Chapman. Celestis has also hosted many astronauts at its pre-launch events, allowing event guests to meet the elite people who have experienced the phenomenon of spaceflight.

Celestis: The Astronauts’ Choice in Memorial Spaceflights, Part 1

Celestis has flown the ashes of two Mercury-Gemini-Apollo era NASA astronauts to space, fulfilling their final wishes in the same manner that mariners wish to be buried at sea.

Occupants of Interplanetary Craft: Why Should DNA and Data Be Sent to Space?

Messages and DNA in space used to be limited to the realms of scientists, space travelers, or celebrities. But now, you can send your DNA to space or send your special message along with photos or art – and you can represent the hopes and dreams of Earth’s people on a once-in-a-generation journey.

Space Medicine, Past, Present, and Future: From Dr. McCoy to the ISS

Learn how Star Trek's Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, played by Enterprise Flight participant DeForest Kelley, inspired real-life space medicine experts.

How NASA Paved the Way for Memorial Spaceflights

While Celestis is the industry’s iconic leader in memorial spaceflights, another entity has also sent ashes into space, including deep space: NASA, the United States’ space agency.

Celestis FAQs: Celestis’ Performance Guarantee

Rest assured that Celestis Memorial Spaceflights' performance guarantee protects your spaceflight.

Aurora Flight Participant Spotlight: Gary DeFoer

Before Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Aurora Flight lifts off on November 30th, we will showcase several flight participants, remember their lives, and celebrate their legacy. We are honored to feature the story of Gary DeFoer, written by his daughter.

Touch the Sky…Return Home: Celestis’ Families and Friends Recount Earthrise Service Experiences

Humans have always fantasized about “touching the sky” and have wondered what lies beyond the bounds of Earth – the thin blue band that separates our atmosphere from the depths of space. Now, you (via our Celestis DNA service) or your loved one can join the small group of pioneers who have made suborbital spaceflights.

Enduring Grief: Establishing a Mental Health Roadmap

A loved one or friend’s death can be one of the most stressful, unnatural times in a person’s life, and often there are no easy words of comfort or answers. That’s why it’s imperative for you to establish a “mental health roadmap” while you’re mourning.

Aurora Flight Participant Spotlight: Michael Dee Carl

Celestis is honored to feature the story of Aurora Flight participant Michael Dee Carl, as told to us by his daughter, Dallas L. Carl, in an interview.

Safeguarding a Deep Space Outpost: How Celestis’ Flight Capsules Retain Integrity in Space

Celestis’ DNA flight capsules utilize a material that provides optimum shielding from extremes such as the Sun, extreme cold, and radiation. In addition, this material has a long heritage in aerospace applications, making it a trusted, tested choice in shielding.

Star Trek’s DeForest Kelley: His Life and Legacy

Celestis is proud to announce that DeForest Kelley – best known as Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy in the original Star Trek® series – will join his fellow series luminaries and fly aboard its Enterprise Flight, which will establish the first outpost of humanity in deep space carrying ashes, DNA, and Celestis MindFiles™.

Celestis FAQs: Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Earthrise Service and the Aurora Flight

Celestis’ Earthrise Service may be our most intimate, deeply felt experience. Find out more about our upcoming Aurora Flight, and how to reserve a spot.

Online Tributes Pour In for Star Trek®’s Iconic Nichelle Nichols

Tributes have poured in for Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek®'s iconic "Lt. Uhura." Now, you can send your tribute to this pioneer into deep space. Learn more by reading this blog post.

Aurora Flight Participant Spotlight: Clarice Terry Brown's Space Odyssey

Before Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Aurora Flight lifts off on November 30th, we will showcase several flight participants, remember their lives, and celebrate their legacy. We are honored to feature the story of Clarice Terry Brown, written by her daughter.

Celestis MindFiles™: Calling All Deep Space Voyagers

Most efforts to send messages into deep space have been performed by scientists, engineers, academics, and governmental agencies – not by regular citizens of Earth. Celestis MindFiles™ seeks to change that. Learn more by checking out this blog.

Nichelle Nichols: The Life and Legacy of a Pioneer

Learn more about legendary Star Trek® actress and civil rights pioneer Nichelle Nichols, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights' Enterprise Flight star traveler.

Astronaut Mike Mullane to Speak at Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Aurora Flight

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights is honored to announce that NASA astronaut Richard Michael “Mike” Mullane (USAF Colonel, retired) will speak at Celestis Memorial Spaceflights' next Earth Rise Service, the Aurora Flight.

New Mexico Attractions, Museums, and Parks

There are a variety of attractions to enjoy in “The Land of Enchantment” during the days before and after Celestis’ next Earth Rise Service.

A Brief History of New Mexico’s Spaceport America

On November 30th, New Mexico's “first purpose-built commercial spaceport” will host Celestis’ ninth Earth Rise Service, the Aurora Flight. Spaceport America is dedicated to ushering in the future of commercial spaceflight.

The Ultimate Family Reunion: Star Trek® and Celestis’ Enterprise Flight

Celestis and Star Trek® have a long heritage. Read more about how Celestis' first Voyager Service, the Enterprise Flight, will function as the ultimate Star Trek® family reunion.

Celestis and The Overview Effect: How Launch Participants Experience It

Families seeing their loved ones en route to “touch the Universe” during Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Enterprise Flight will undoubtedly experience a type of “Overview Effect” during the mission’s Vulcan-Centaur launch.

Tranquility Flight Payload Integration Complete!

Celestis is honored to be a part of the Tranquility Flight, the first lander mission to the lunar surface in over 40 years. This historic mission allows Celestis to continue its legacy of providing meaningful ways for people to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

Now, Voyager, Sail Thou Forth: The Origins of Celestis’ Voyager Service

The word “Voyager” conjures visions of long journeys by sea and, of course, Star Trek®. It’s the perfect name for Celestis’ deep space service since it boasts no shortage of intrepid explorers.

Celestis FAQs: When Will My Spaceflight Take Place?

So, you've arranged a memorial spaceflight for a loved one. Here's how Celestis stays in touch with you to ensure you view it.

A Brief Overview of the New Mexico Space Trail

The New Mexico Space Trail encompasses spaceflight's past, present, and future. Here are some of its most popular attractions.

Space Services Inc. and Celestis Firsts in New Mexico

Many may not realize this, but the dawn of U.S. licensed commercial launches occurred at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, the state described as the “Land of Enchantment.”

Aurora Flight Launch Provider Spotlight: UP Aerospace

The launch provider for Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Aurora Flight is UP Aerospace, which has flown eight Celestis Earth Rise Service missions.

Moon Burial: An Out Of This World Experience

The lunar graveyard is a beautiful, peaceful resting place for your departed loved one. Learn more about this memorable moon burial from Celestis.

Launch Vehicle Spotlight: UP Aerospace’s SpaceLoft™ XL

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights' Perseverance Flight will utilize UP Aerospace’s SpaceLoft™ XL rocket, which has flown 14 times out of New Mexico’s Spaceport America since 2006.

Celestis FAQs: So, You Want to Make a Memorial Spaceflight. What’s Next?

So, you'd like to make a memorial spaceflight. What's next? Let Celestis be your guide in planning your experience.

Enterprise Flight to Enterprise Station: Humanity’s First Outpost in Deep Space

United Launch Alliance’s (ULA) brand new Vulcan Centaur launch vehicle will loft not one but two Celestis missions beyond low Earth orbit.

Space Services Inc. and Celestis: A Past, Present, and Future of Firsts

Celestis and its parent company, Space Services Inc. of America (SSIoA), have a rich heritage spanning four decades from the dawn of commercial spaceflight. Unparalleled in tenacity, Celestis and SSIoA have overcome adversity to flourish in an ever-changing spaceflight industry.

Celestis Spotlight: Dr. Philip K. Chapman, Aurora and Enterprise Flight Participant

A profile of former NASA scientist-astronaut Dr. Philip K. Chapman, a Celestis Memorial Spaceflights Aurora and Enterprise Flight participant.

Touch The Sky: Celestis’ Earth Rise Service and the Aurora Flight

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights has made it possible for you – or your loved ones – to make a suborbital spaceflight...and it's affordable.

Looking for a Final Adventure?

Are you looking for a final adventure? Consider Celestis Memorial Spaceflights. Whether you are looking to celebrate the life of your loved one or plan your own journey, you can trust Celestis to provide a genuinely mind-blowing space memorial among the stars!

Celestis Spotlight: Donald K. “Deke” Slayton, Space Services Inc. of America’s First President

A profile of former Mercury NASA astronaut Donald K. "Deke" Slayton, the first president of Space Services Inc. of America.

I’ve Seen Hundreds of Rocket Launches…But Nothing Like This

Emily Carney was thrilled that her first duty as Celestis Memorial Spaceflights’ Director of Content was covering its Ascension Flight. But she didn’t expect that it would change her life.

The Celestis Foundation’s Ascension Flight Charitable Contributions

The Celestis Foundation donated proceeds from the Ascension Flight to Taking Up Space and Sands Space History Center.

Deep Space Mission: Go For Lift Off

Deep Space missions are the future of space exploration. Be part of the next generation of space pioneers. You can now send your DNA into space!

Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Read the stories of two sons who fulfilled their father's dreams of spaceflight with Celestis.

A Day in the Life at Celestis, Part Three: Ascension Flight Launch

In Part 3 of her three-part series about Celestis' 21st Memorial Spaceflight, the Ascension Flight, Celestis' Emily Carney discusses the stories of participants on board this Celestis mission and the thoughts of loved ones who witnessed the launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Celestis Spotlight: Colby Youngblood, President

Meet Celestis President Colby Youngblood in this profile of his life and career.

A Day in the Life at Celestis, Part Two: The Memorial Service

Marjorie Dufton, who flew into Earth orbit on the Celestis Ascension Flight on May 25, 2022, was an aviation pioneer and an inspiration to many -- including Emily Carney, Celestis' Director of Content. In Part 2 of her series about attending the Ascension Flight launch-related events read about Emily's thoughts and reflections on Marjorie Dufton's life and how grateful she was to meet Marjorie's son at the launch.

Ascension Flight Astronaut Spotlight – Dr. Don Thomas

Retired Astronaut Don Thomas spoke to, and met with Celestis Ascension Flight families in May 2022 during the Ascension Flight's launch-related events. Read about his determination to become an astronaut, the value of never giving up on one's dreams, and his description of what Ascension Flight families would experience as they witnessed the launch of their departed loved ones into Earth Orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

A Day in the Life at Celestis: Pre-Launch

In Part One of a three-part series, Celestis Director of Content Emily Carney recounts what she and Celestis families who attended the Ascension Flight launch experienced before the May 25, 2022 liftoff of the Ascension Flight from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The Celestis Earth Orbit Service

Learn about the Celestis Ascension Flight, a Celestis Earth Orbit Service memorial spaceflight.

Commercial Space Flights: The Beginning of a New Space Age

Celestis' DNA services make it easier than ever to participate in the booming commercial spaceflight industry while honoring a loved one's memory.

Kennedy Space Center Area Tourist Attractions

If you travel to Florida to view a Celestis memorial spaceflight launch, be sure to visit some of the many interesting tourist attractions near the Kennedy Space Center.

En Route to New Adventures: The Incredible Lives of Celestis Participants

A look at the lives of two Celestis participants: Allen Michael Bychek and Marjorie Dufton.

Cremation Memorial Ideas: An Essential Guide For Life Celebration Services

Some popular options for what to do with cremated remains: place ashes in a columbarium, scatter them, or send them to space. Find out more here.

A Stellar Way To Celebrate Your Amazing Mom's Life!

Give your mom a unique and beautiful sendoff to the stars. Consider hosting a memorial for mom spaceflight with Celestis. Read more here.

Celestis and MicroPets Join Forces to Launch Animated NFTs into Space

Learn how Celestis and MicroPets will launch unique animated NFTs on three upcoming Celestis missions.

Women in Space - How Lucille Ball Saved Star Trek® and the Impact on NASA

Women have always played a vital role in human space flight. We celebrate their undeniable significant contributions this Women's History Month.

A Forever Tribute to Your Best Friend: Celestis Pets

Celestis Pets offers pet owners the opportunity to commemorate the lives of their furry friends in a unique way.

Celestis Connects: How Celestis Helps Families and Friends of Loved Ones

Read how Celestis has transformed the dream of memorial spaceflights into reality.

Star Trek First Family Embarks on Final, Infinite Journey on a Rocket Named Vulcan

Celestis announces that it has entered into a launch services agreement with United Launch Alliance to fly Celestis' first memorial spaceflight into deep space aboard the initial flight of ULA’s Vulcan Centaur rocket.

DNA Banking Spaceflight Services

Learn more about Celestis' DNA Banking and how it allows you to collect and preserve your DNA for future biomedical research and memorial spaceflight.

Send Ashes to Space

Celestis has been fulfilling dreams of a lifetime by sending a symbolic portion of a departed's ashes into space. Find out more about sending ashes into space in this blog.

Making Space For The Future: Celestis, Commercial Spaceflight, and Fostering An Off-World Economy

Learn about Celestis' history as a pioneer in commercial space and its first deep space memorial spaceflight.

Space Burial: The Final Frontier

Honor a life devoted to adventure and interstellar fascination with a unique space burial and let your departed loved one's remains stay among the stars forever!

On Earth, As in Space: Taking Our Terrestrial Rituals to Space

Like Spock’s space funeral ceremony in the 1982 movie The Wrath of Khan, as humanity navigates further into what Gerard O’Neill called “The High Frontier,” it’s only natural we will bring our terrestrial traditions to space. Examples include the celebration of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year.

Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

Dealing with grief and loss can be very challenging. Here are ways on how to cope with a loss of a loved one this holiday season.

A Truly Eternal Gift: Celestis DNA

Have you ever wanted to give a loved one a truly unique, everlasting gift? Consider Celestis DNA.

Giving Back to Space and Earth: Celestis' Charitable Contributions

Celestis contributor Emily Carney discusses the many ways Celestis gives back to benefit spaceflight and life on Earth.

Celestis Supports a Sustainable Space Environment

When you fly with Celestis you will know you are not contributing to the growing problem of space debris. Celestis never releases cremated remains or DNA samples into the final frontier. Learn how Celestis cares for the space environment.

The Rise of Virtual Memorial Services and Why You Should Consider One

Learn about virtual memorial service and how to hold one for your departed loved ones this pandemic season.

Krafft A. Ehricke: Remembering a Rocket Visionary

Learn about the life of rocket pioneer and Celestis participant Krafft A. Ehricke.


Celestis congratulates Star Trek's William Shatner on his successful flight into space and honors the Star Trek personalities and fans who have already flown with Celestis. Learn what it’s like to attend the memorial service held before each launch.

The #1 Outdoor Memorial Idea for the Space Enthusiast in your Life

Find out the best outdoor memorial service idea for a departed Space Enthusiast loved one, and let their cremated remains forever remain among the stars.

5 Unique Celebration of Life Ideas to Honor Your Loved One

Find out what a celebration of life service is, and celebration of life ideas to commemorate the life of a departed loved one with family and friends.

How Gerard K. O’Neill Reached The High Frontier

Celestis blogger Emily Carney profiles the life of space visionary Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill, author of The High Frontier.

Prearranging from the Land Down Under

An Australian client discusses why she has prearranged a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

William Pogue, Among The Stars Again

Why would an astronaut want to have a portion of his/her cremated remains launched into space? Why would anyone want to do that? Celestis blogger Emily Carney profiles Skylab astronaut -- and Celestis participant -- William Pogue to answer these questions.

My Friend Phil

In her first blog post for Celestis, space historian and podcaster Emily Carney recalls her interviews with Apollo-era astronaut and Celestis participant Philip Chapman ScD.

Commemorate Your Pet on a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

Celestis offers you the opportunity to commemorate the life of your departed companion animal with a memorial spaceflight.

KSC Visitor Complex Employee Prearranges with Celestis

Celestis invited Beverly S. Rother to discuss her decision to prearrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight.

Celestis Participant to fly her DNA with her Spouse's Cremated Remains

Celestis invited Oren Whyche-Shaw, a Celestis DNA participant, to discuss her flight into deep space with her husband.


The Celestis Foundation has supported several of the same non-profit organizations that Blue Origin's Club for the Future is supporting.

Astrobotic: The Company Flying Celestis to the Moon

A profile of the company that will fly Celestis' 2nd mission to the Moon.

Prearranging with Celestis Overcomes Man's Obstacles to His Spaceflight Dreams

A Celestis client discusses the reasons he has chosen to prearrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

Congratulations Sir Richard Branson!

Sir Richard Branson's July 11, 2021 inspiring trip into space was an exciting experience for those on board and for those watching at the launch site and online. Celestis families experience much the same thing when their departed loved ones fly into space.

Considering A Memorial Spaceflight?

Whether you are considering arranging a memorial spaceflight for yourself in the future or for a departed loved one now, Celestis can provide you expert advice that will help you make a choice that is best for you and your family.

U.S. Naval Aviator Inspires His Children by Prearranging with Celestis

While many people have prearranged Celestis Memorial Spaceflights for themselves due to their interest in space exploration, astronomy or science fiction, former naval aviator Glenn Carter has made arrangements with Celestis to fly his ashes into space largely for a dramatically different reason – to inspire his children.

A Teacher and an Army Flight Surgeon and Aviator Discuss Prearranging a Celestis Voyager Service Memorial Spaceflight

People from all walks of life prearrange Celestis Memorial Spaceflights. A teacher and a naval aviator share their thoughts on why they've decided to fly with Celestis at their time of need.

Fly Us to the Moon

A Celestis client discusses why he chose to prearrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight to the Moon for he and his departed wife.

20 Unique Memorial Service Ideas

The ultimate guide memorial service ideas that are just as unique as your loved one. Celebrate their life traditionally, at home, or something even more creative and special.

6 Memorial for Ashes Ideas with Examples

6 memorial for ashes ideas with examples to help you honor your loved one in a way that is unique to them

The Company that Flies Celestis Earth Rise Service Missions

Celestis flies its Earth Rise missions with UP Aerospace, the leader in small system commercial rocketry. Learn about the Celestis Earth Rise Service and the aerospace company that flies Celestis participants into space from Spaceport America, New Mexico.

Being one with the cosmos on an infinite journey among the stars

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights provide a meaningful way to fulfill the dream of spaceflight and to connect with the universe.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights Cost Half as Much as Traditional Funerals

A Celestis memorial spaceflight is a unique opportunity to honor your loved one in a meaningful, beautiful, and surprisingly affordable way. Two of our memorial spaceflight services cost less than 1/2 of a traditional American funeral.

Astronauts and Celestis

Astronauts have played a vital role in the history of Celestis, inspiring Celestis personnel and families alike. Learn about the astronauts that have flown on Celestis Memorial Spaceflights or have spoken with Celestis families who attend our launches.

An eternal memorial among the stars to honor a remarkable life

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights enable you to embark on the ultimate adventure -- into deep space with the Celestis Voyager Service. Pre-arrange your own flight, or make a reservation now for a departed loved one.

The Celestis Launch Experience

There’s simply nothing like the excitement of seeing your loved one make the ultimate journey beyond the stars. When you choose a Celestis memorial spaceflight, you ensure your family will have a truly memorable funeral experience, whether you attend in person or participate via webcast.

The ultimate adventure ride

Celestis offers everyone the opportunity to commemorate a life with a unique, alternative, surprisingly affordable memorial -- a journey among the stars.

Celestis featured in alternative funeral museum exhibit in the Netherlands

The Cube Design Museum in the Netherlands is featuring Celestis Memorial Spaceflights in a new exhibit about death, alternative funerals and memorial services entitled "(Re)Design Death." Learn about this fascinating exhibition that highlights Celestis Memorial Spaceflights.

Son develops model of rocket used to fly his father into space with Celestis

A Celestis family member, inspired by the launch of his father into space last year on board a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, has developed a model of the rocket used for the mission. Celestis now offers the model for sale through its website.

Aerospace Professionals on Celestis Memorial Spaceflights

Read the stories of three aerospace professionals whose families chose Celestis Memorial Spaceflights to commemorate their lives.

Celestis Honors Robert Goddard

Skeptics dismissed the father of modern rocket propulsion as the "Moon Man" who, despite his Ph.D., lacked knowledge of high school science. But Robert Goddard's work would prove his early 20th century critics wrong and he would come to be honored by NASA, Congress and Celestis.

Discussing Celestis With Your Family

If you're considering pre-arranging a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight, learn why it's important to discuss your final wishes with your loved ones and how to do it.

The Celestis Launch Manifest

View our list of upcoming Celestis memorial spaceflights.

Veterans Honored on Celestis Memorial Spaceflights

Many Celestis flight participants served their country in uniform. Celestis proudly serves veterans. In honor of Veterans Day, we invite you to learn about some of the vets we've flown.

Celestis in Pop Culture -- again!

Celestis has often appeared in the news media and popular culture. The company was recently featured in an HBO documentary about alternative ways people are celebrating lives that are coming to an end. Celestis will also be the subject of an exhibit in the Cube Design Museum in Holland.

Celestis Heritage Flight Launch in the News

The Celestis Heritage Flight launch was covered by a wide variety of news media organizations. This historic flight into Earth orbit generated news articles about Celestis, the launch itself, and some of the participants on board this Memorial Spaceflight.

Scattering in the Banana River

For Celestis Memorial Spaceflights launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center or the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, Celestis scatters the unflown balance of its participants cremated remains or DNA in the Banana River, which separates KSC from Cape Canaveral.

Voyager Service Update

Celestis is pleased to announce a new partnership with Xplore for our Voyager Memorial Spaceflight Service missions into deep space.

Transforming the way memorials are done

Forbes Africa reached out to Celestis CEO Charles Chafer for his perspective on the space industry.

Grief in the context of a Life Celebration: A Glimpse into An Alternative Funeral

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights as an alternative funeral service where loved ones grieve, but also celebrate the life of departed loved ones

Pre Arranging Your Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

Pre Arranging a Celestis space burial locks in the price and will bring your family peace of mind when the time comes to arrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight.

Celebrations of Life and Funeral Alternatives: Look to the Skies!

Celestis is one of the many funeral alternatives people around the world are choosing.

The Celestis Foundation

The Celestis Foundation supports the exploration and development of the final frontier, helping people on and off the planet.

A Tribute to Wende & James Doohan, and All Those Who Inspire Us

Celestis Ambassador Marc Lee honors Wende Doohan, her late husband James Doohan (Star Trek's "Mr. Scott") and all those who inspire us.

Celestis honors our American heroes

Celestis proudly presents two service members who made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of their families and nation.

Sir Arthur’s Space Odyssey: How Arthur C. Clarke Became A Celestis DNA Participant

Celestis CEO and Co-Founder, Charles Chafer, describes his meeting with Arthur C. Clarke and how Celestis will fly Arthur C. Clarke's DNA to the Moon.

Celestis and the Bell X-1

The story of aerospace engineer and Celestis participant Benson Hamlin, the principal designer of the preliminary concept for the Bell X-1

Attending a Celestis Launch at Spaceport America

What it's like to attend a Celestis launch at Spaceport America, including a list of the many interesting tourist attractions in the spaceport area.

How Gene Roddenberry’s Ashes Were Launched Aboard the Celestis Founders Flight

The story of how three powerful women decided to celebrate Gene Roddenberry's life on board Space Shuttle Columbia, Celestis' Founders Flight and soon, together with Majel, they will fly into deep space.

The Heritage Flight to Earth Orbit

The Celestis Heritage memorial spaceflight will launch from historic Pad 39A at NASA's Kennedy Space Center – the same pad that sent Apollo astronauts to the Moon and the majority of space shuttles into Earth orbit.

Flying Your Loved One on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Learn how the world's most powerful rocket, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy, will launch the Celestis Heritage memorial spaceflight into a (minimum) five-year orbit around the Earth.

Celestis Supports the XPRIZE Foundation

One of the earliest charities to receive a Celestis Foundation grant was the Ansari X Prize, which was a space competition in which the X Prize Foundation offered a $10 million prize for the first non-government organization to launch a reusable crewed spacecraft into space twice within two weeks.

Surrey Engineers Reveal Details of Heritage Flight Satellite

On their exclusive tour of the Surrey Satellite Technology US facility in Englewood, Colorado, Celestis Heritage Flight families not only viewed the satellite that will carry their loved ones in Earth orbit, but also learned a great deal about the satellite itself.

Celestis families see their satellite

Families of those on board the Celestis Heritage Earth Orbit memorial spaceflight had the rare opportunity to view the satellite that will fly their loved ones in space.

Concerning Launch Schedules and Closure

Celestis' CEO discusses how Celestis chooses launch providers, the nature of launch countdowns, launch schedules and closure.

Countdown to Celestis 16 – The Heritage Flight

Reservations are still open for the Heritage Flight -- a memorial spaceflight that will fly from NASA's Kennedy Space Center on an incredibly powerful rocket into Earth orbit

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights are Environmentally Benign

Celestis memorial spaceflights do not contribute to light pollution nor add to the ever-growing number of objects accumulating in Earth orbit.

Would flying DNA to the stars harm ET?

The new Celestis DNA™ Service intentionally flies people’s DNA into space. Are such ‘Reverse Panspermia’ missions potentially harmful to extraterrestrial civilizations?

Reflections on the Founders Flight

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Founders Flight, a space mission that grabbed the global public’s attention as the world’s first space funeral service.

Beautiful sites and fun activities in and around Lompoc, California

Tourist attractions in, and near, the city of Lompoc, California -- site of Celestis Memorial Spaceflight launches from Vandenberg AFB.

British Funeral Flights

Many British families have chosen Celestis funeral flights to commemorate the lives of their departed loved ones. Read about our British master distributor.

Celestis Firsts

Celestis and its parent company, Space Services, Inc., have repeatedly led the way forward in humanity’s future in space.

DNA and Space Travel

Many theories suggest that life on Earth originated from interstellar DNA. Here is a discussion about the relationship between DNA and space travel.

Tribute to Jimmy

A tribute to James Doohan written by fellow Star Trek actor George Takei to commemorate Mr. Doohan's first Celestis memorial spaceflight.

The New Frontier Flight - Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we prepare for our upcoming launch into Earth orbit from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, we recall our 2012 flight from Cape Canaveral, The New Frontier Flight.

Touring the New Mexico Space Trail

When attending a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight launch at Spaceport America, New Mexico, consider visiting some of the many interesting space-related sites on the New Mexico Space Trail.

Astrobotic to host Celestis’ next lunar memorial spaceflight

Celestis has selected Astrobotic to host the Tranquility Mission, Celestis's second lunar memorial spaceflight.

People who have pre-arranged a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

People who have pre-arranged a Celestis memorial spaceflight tell, in their own words, why they chose Celestis.

Celestis: Legacy of Trust, Experience and Fulfillment

With strong partnerships in the space industry and 16 successful flights to date, Celestis is by far the most trusted and experienced company in the Memorial Spaceflight industry. When you choose Celestis, you have a dependable partner who’s there for you at every step of the process. Whether you want to pre-arrange a Memorial Spaceflight for yourself or make the dream of spaceflight come true for a loved one, our team of seasoned professionals is ready to help you understand and choose the right mission, financing options, and logistical arrangements for you and your family.

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