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Welcome to the Memorial Spaceflights Blog!  We post stories about our honored celebrants aboard upcoming missions, updates on future missions, and about the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight experience.

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Countdown to Luna 02

Countdown to Celestis 16 – The Heritage Flight

Reservations are still open for the Heritage Flight -- a memorial spaceflight that will fly from NASA's Kennedy Space Center on an incredibly powerful rocket into Earth orbit

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights are Environmentally Benign

Celestis memorial spaceflights do not contribute to light pollution nor add to the ever-growing number of objects accumulating in Earth orbit.

Reflections on the Founders Flight

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Founders Flight, a space mission that grabbed the global public’s attention as the world’s first space funeral service.

Beautiful sites and fun activities in and around Lompoc, California

Tourist attractions in, and near, the city of Lompoc, California -- site of Celestis Memorial Spaceflight launches from Vandenberg AFB.

DNA and Space Travel

Many theories suggest that life on Earth originated from interstellar DNA. Here is a discussion about the relationship between DNA and space travel.

British Funeral Flights

Many British families have chosen Celestis funeral flights to commemorate the lives of their departed loved ones. Read about our British master distributor.

Celestis Firsts

Celestis and its parent company, Space Services, Inc., have repeatedly led the way forward in humanity’s future in space. Among the Celestis Firsts.

Celestis chooses Moon Express to host next lunar memorial spaceflight

Celestis has selected Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx) to host the Luna 02 Mission, Celestis's second lunar memorial spaceflight. MoonEx recently announced it has received final approval from the United States government to conduct a commercial mission to the Moon in 2017.

The New Frontier Flight - Looking Back and Looking Forward

As we prepare for our upcoming launch into Earth orbit from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, we recall our 2012 flight from Cape Canaveral, The New Frontier Flight.

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