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If, below, you cannot find the answer to your question about our Memorial Spaceflight Services, or if you need additional information, please contact us.

Our next Earth Rise mission, the Aurora Flight, is scheduled for Q4 2022.

Destiny Flight, our next Luna Service mission, is scheduled for Q1 2026.

Our Infinite Flight mission into deep space is scheduled for Q4, 2026.

The launch date the Harmony Flight, an Earth Orbit mission, is scheduled for TBD.

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Yes. Celestis hosts family members and friends as part of a special, private tour we create for launch viewing. Read more

Yes. We are usually able to provide a live, global webcast of the launch, depending on the launch facility we use. Read more

Yes. Using our website you can view the location of any of the Earth-orbiting Celestis memorial spacecraft in real time. Read more

The remains and DNA samples are placed in a specially designed, individual Celestis Flight Capsule, depending upon the service you selected. Read more

There are several reasons why we launch a symbolic portion of cremated remains. Read more

You, or your funeral home will receive a Genetic Health DNA Memorial sampling kit in the mail. Read more

Under Genetic Health's storage conditions, the DNA will last indefinitely. Read more

It might, however long term exposure to the space environment does not seem to destroy DNA. Read more

If a person decides that genetic analysis is necessary the DNA can be sent to qualified and specific labs. Read more

Your DNA sample is mailed to Genetic Health for processing to create samples suitable for spaceflight and for long term home banking. Read more

The process is simple and completed with the utmost respect and care. Read more

The length of orbital stay depends on the final altitude of the primary satellite launched on the mission. Read more

Celestis spacecraft and missions are carefully designed so as not to create space debris. Read more

In the event the initial mission is not successful, you have the option for a priority re-flight, at no additional cost, on the next scheduled launch of the same service type. Read more

Yes, you may select our Advance Planning Programs which offer you the opportunity to make an advance reservation for the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight service. Read more

The symbols represent the satellite's latitude and longitude, speed, amount of time the satellite will be in your sky, etc. Read more

Azimuth and Elevation are measures used to identify the position of a satellite flying overhead. Azimuth tells you what direction to face and Elevation tells you how high up in the sky to look. Read more

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