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Moon Burial: An Out Of This World Experience


There is so much to consider regarding our celestial counterpart. So many phrases of love and devotion surround the moon, in addition to wonder and the unknown. What if we could traverse the surface? What if we could dive into moon craters like diving into a cool pool of water? The possibilities are endless, and as space journeys become more accessible, there are even more opportunities to imagine. But what if we didn't have to imagine a way of reaching the moon's surface? One of those possibilities is a moon burial, but what does that mean, and what does it entail?

What is a Moon Burial?

A moon burial is exactly what it sounds like, a burial on the moon, but how do remains get there? No, your loved one's remains aren't just catapulted into the great beyond to hopefully make a collision course with our lunar counterpart. They are safely transported via rocket in a unique capsule designed for cremated remains. Once they've come into the moon's orbit, your recently deceased loved one's remains are either launched into lunar orbit via flight capsule or continuously carried until touchdown on the moon's surface.

How Does it Work?

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A moon burial first starts with a privately chartered spaceflight to the moon. Celestis hosts these missions and makes accessibility to the final frontier the easiest while keeping the well-being of the family member and loved ones in mind. Once a seat is reserved for a passenger on the next lunar mission, the family receives a customized spaceflight container with their name engraved. In addition, a website memorial on the Celestis website is dedicated to the deceased. The lunar burial service comes with a mission completion performance guarantee, meaning that if the first mission to the moon is an unsuccessful attempt, we will execute a complimentary second mission.

During the launch, there is a dedicated launch weekend filled with different events and packages customizable to fit your celebration of life and lunar memorial service. The investment and time commitment vary depending on the launch location, but typically there will be a dedicated three days of events surrounding the launch date. Family and friends are invited to view the launch in person and welcome to extend the invitation to others via a live webcast. During the weekend, you may attend hosted dinners/receptions, a launch pad tour of where the rocket blasts off, charter transportation, and the launch viewing. The live webcast feed for those unable to attend in person is beneficial to ensure everyone is included regardless of their ability to travel. This three-day event reinforces that your loved one's moon burial is not only for their celebration of life and memory but an essential part of surviving loved ones and their healing journey.

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After the launch event and weekend, an array of memorabilia memorializes your deceased loved one and the spaceflight mission they took to the moon. A video archive, a launch certificate that attests to the spaceflight's completion, and a mission patch are just some of the keepsakes Celestis offers for the launch.

Who Gets Buried on the Lunar Surface?

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In short, anyone can get buried on the moon! In past missions, there have been scientists, actors, space enthusiasts, and pilots that have traveled to the final frontier. No matter your profession, anyone can charter an honorary seat on this spaceflight. The lunar memorial spaceflights are a memorial, and each seat is an equal opportunity for those wishing to commemorate. The next lunar mission, Tranquility Flight, is already full; however, there are now openings for the Luna 03 Flight to launch in the fourth quarter of 2023. Lunar memorials are open for everyone, not just space geniuses.

How Can I Get Buried on the Moon?

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The best way to get buried on the moon is to research which company works best for you. As previously mentioned, Celestis Memorial Spaceflights is dedicated to its mission to fulfill a dream of a lifetime. Therefore, our recommendation to become a passenger on a spaceflight is to research which missions are up and coming and what package will make the most sense for your situation. For more information on packages, click here.

In addition to lunar memorial services, Celestis also offers lunar DNA banking opportunities. Your DNA will be securely stored in designated banking sites on the moon's surface. In addition, opportunities for storing DNA off-planet are open to the living and deceased, with more information on the topic found here.


Getting buried on the moon is a unique and unforgettable celebration of life. It also serves as a memorable experience for surrounding loved ones. A dream of the recently deceased can be turned into reality with a memorial spaceflight to the moon's surface. When a loved one's request is the moon and the stars, what better way to give that to them than a moon surface burial?


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