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Celestis invited Karyn Maree to discuss her decision to prearrange a Celestis Earth Rise Memorial Service.

I chose Celestis as the company to look after my dream of heading to space, as I had received fantastic service and support when enquiring on their missions. Being in Australia, I found it was difficult and very limiting to finding somewhere that would cater to international customers, as well as offer superb and affordable missions. Knowing I could prearrange this for myself was a great feeling, and also relieving to know my children and family wouldn't need to worry about how to fulfill this dream of mine, it was also very empowering to know I had made the decisions for my own journey.

Arrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

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I have always loved and been intrigued by space ever since I can remember. Living life and overcoming obstacles along my path, helped me realise we are only a tiny part of a huge picture, and this has led me to wanting to know more, and if possible, one day experience it. One of my hobbies is learning about space as much as I can, I have named stars after myself and my children, and also have recently added a space tattoo to my hand. I have also purchased a telescope and aim to see as much as I can, as I teach myself the wonders of our solar system. I am so excited to see the progression in space travel that is already happening in our lifetime, but to know I also will get to go to space on my own terms, is really exciting and comforting. It is fantastic some of my ashes will also be scattered near the launch site, so I can be nearby all future launches, and most importantly really love that my flight capsule will be returned to my family after the mission, hopefully an inspirational reminder to my children and their children, to dream big. 

The most important thing I have realised during this process and from life, is that if you have a goal, reach it, and if you dare to dream, pursue it. 

Arrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

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