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A Stellar Way To Celebrate Your Amazing Mom's Life!

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When the time comes, how do we honor our mothers' lives? With years spent loving and devoting time to their children, we ask, "What is the best way to commemorate her memory?" Consider hosting a memorial spaceflight if you're looking for unique ideas to celebrate your mother's life.

Your mother may be like the sun, moon, and stars: Someone who is ever-present and easy to rely on throughout your life. Trying to convey your mother's essence and life can be difficult, but not impossible. Hosting a celestially aligned memorial for your late mother is a unique and memorable way to send her off on her next great adventure.

What better way to commemorate her memory than facilitating her journey to the stars?

What is a Space Memorial?

A space memorial is more commonly known as a "Memorial Spaceflight." This is where the deceased's loved one's commission a seat on a space flight for the cremated remains of a family member or friend. Their ashes are carried to different locations in space depending on the family's wishes, with a final disposition completed in a nontraditional yet impactful way. This uniquely cosmic memorial allows the deceased to traverse the stars and find peace in the final frontier.

While a few companies provide a memorial spaceflight service, Celestis's Memorial spaceflight is highly personal and involved, making it the top company for this nontraditional burial method. Their process is thorough and sensitive, as they understand that this is a journey not only for the departed but for the grieving family members and friends. Furthermore, they understand that a space memorial is not only a celebration of life but a stepping stone on the path towards healing.

During the memorial spaceflight launch weekend, there are opportunities to share stories and process through your grief in a hosted reflection session. Experiences are tailored to the deceased and the family's wishes, ultimately bringing a sense of closeness and personal joy to the launch event.

What does a Memorial Spaceflight Launch look like?

On the logistical side, once you've decided that a space memorial is the best way to celebrate your mother's life, the next decision is where to bury your mother in her final resting place. There are several different drop-off points offered for her ashes throughout space. For example, Celestis offers a launch into space and back to Earth, Earth orbit, lunar orbit, lunar surface, or finally a launch into Deep Space.

Depending on the family's needs and what you think will be the most meaningful towards your mother, you'll be able to reserve these spots for their memorial. From Earth's orbit to the deep vastness of space, she would stay forever more looking down on her loved ones.

Once there's a reserved seat for your departed mother, arrangements for the spaceflight's launch weekend are sent your way. A launch weekend is a weekend experience where family, extended family, and friends can come together and celebrate your late mother's death.

Celestis offers designated time and space for reflection on your mother's life and the launch service.

After speaking and reflecting on your mom's life and her influence on the world comes the actual launch. Your mother's cremated remains are placed on the flight, and the family is encouraged to watch the takeoff from a private viewing pad. If you are unable to be at the launch event in person for any reason, Celestis has an option to livestream the launch. With recent events and COVID-19 mandates, this option is most favorable to those who limit travel due to travel bans or are covid-cautious.

After the launch, families are given a tracking device to see where their mom might be in the Universe. This is especially exciting if the designated burial is in Deep Space. What better way to reflect on your mother than literally seeing her amongst the planets and stars?

Why choose a Space Memorial for Mom?

When the inevitable and unthinkable happens to our loved ones, it's important to be prepared to commemorate their memory in a meaningful and impactful way. Whether your mom was an astronaut, space scientist, space enthusiast, or just had a general fascination with the stars, Celestis is there to help value your mother in a truly distinctive way.

Celebrating authentically and genuinely allows a new valuable emotional connection to your mother. It also provides room for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that helps jump-start your journey through grief.

If you're still considering a unique memorial for your mom, check out the Celestis' blog or website. You can find countless testimonials of family members and their experiences with the Spaceflight Launch.


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