Memorial Spaceflights

About Celestis

Celestis is the first company to have successfully conducted Memorial Spaceflight Missions, the only company to have been selected by NASA to honor one of its scientists, and for more than two decades an iconic pioneer and global leader of the commercial space age.

Who We Are

  • About Celestis

    Celestis conducts memorial spaceflights, affordably launching the spacecraft to, and returning from, outer space; orbiting planet Earth; to the Moon; and soon into deep space.

  • A Cultural Imperative

    As spaceflight turned from concept into reality, it was inevitable that Memorial Spaceflights would become an integral part of the space age.

  • Meaning of Celestis

    Celestis services positively change families and the commercial space industry.

  • Celestis Leadership

Additional Information

  • Legal and Ethical Framework

    Celestis missions are carefully designed to ensure that there is no orbital debris or adverse environmental effects.

  • Celestis History

    The road from early science fiction stories to the modern concept and capabilities.

  • Commercial Space Frontier

    Claiming our rightful heritage as the pioneer in private spaceports and space transportation.

  • Conestoga 1

    At 10:12 am, after a flawless countdown, Conestoga 1 lifted off from its concrete pad, roaring toward the sun.

  • The Celestis Foundation

    Changing the world, one small step at the time.

  • A Rocket Trip Around the World

    Washington Post, March 3, 1997. Space “is where life is going to go. This may be your final frontier." Said the Majel Barrett Roddenberry, “Star Trek” actress and widow of the television visionary.

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