Memorial Spaceflights

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Liftoff of the Conestoga I launch vehicle, September 9, 1982. Conestoga I is the first US privately funded rocket launched into space.

Scheduled Spaceflights



Aurora Flight

Aurora Flight

Launch Date: Spring 2022
Launch Location: Spaceport America, New Mexico

Touch the Sky… Seek the Stars… Return Home

Tranquility Flight

Tranquility Flight

Launch Date: TBD 2022
Launch Location: Cape Canaveral, Florida

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for an eternally visible location to remember a life on the Tranquility Flight (formerly the "Luna 02 Flight").

Destiny Flight

Destiny Flight

Launch Date: Q4 2023
Launch Location: TBA

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for an eternally visible location to remember a life on the Destiny Flight (formerly the "Luna 03 Flight").

Enterprise Flight

Enterprise Flight

Launch Date: June 2022
Launch Location: TBA, Florida

Travel through deep space, leaving the Earth-Moon system

Excelsior Flight

Excelsior Flight

Launch Date: Q1 2023
Launch Location: Cape Canaveral, FL

Orbit our home planet on our most popular memorial spaceflight service

Completed Spaceflights

Horizon Flight Patch Logo

Horizon Flight

Launched: Jan 24, 2021
Earth Orbit Service
Heritage Flight Patch Logo

Heritage Flight

Launched: Jun 25, 2019
Earth Orbit Service
Starseeker Flight Patch Logo

Starseeker Flight

Launched: Sep 17, 2018
Earth Rise Service
Tribute Flight Patch Logo

Tribute Flight

Launched: Nov 6, 2015
Earth Rise Service
Conestoga Flight Patch Logo

Conestoga Flight

Launched: Oct 23, 2014
Earth Rise Service
Centennial Flight Patch Logo

Centennial Flight

Launched: Jun 21, 2013
Earth Rise Service
New Frontier Flight Patch Logo

New Frontier Flight

Launched: May 22, 2012
Earth Orbit Service
Goddard Flight Patch Logo

Goddard Flight

Launched: May 20, 2011
Earth Rise Service
Pioneer Flight Patch Logo

Pioneer Flight

Launched: May 4, 2010
Earth Rise Service
Discovery Flight Patch Logo

Discovery Flight

Launched: May 2, 2009
Earth Rise Service
Explorers Flight Patch Logo

Explorers Flight

Launched: Aug 2, 2008
Earth Orbit Service
Legacy Flight Patch Logo

Legacy Flight

Launched: Apr 28, 2007
Earth Rise Service
Odyssey Flight Patch Logo

Odyssey Flight

Launched: Sep 21, 2001
Earth Orbit Service
Millennial Flight Patch Logo

Millennial Flight

Launched: Dec 20, 1999
Earth Orbit Service
Ad Astra Flight Patch Logo

Ad Astra Flight

Launched: Feb 10, 1998
Earth Orbit Service
Luna 01 Flight Patch Logo

Luna 01 Flight

Launched: Jan 6, 1998
Luna Service
Founders Flight Patch Logo

Founders Flight

Launched: Apr 21, 1997
Earth Orbit Service
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