Memorial Spaceflights

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Liftoff of the Conestoga I launch vehicle, September 9, 1982. Conestoga I is the first US privately funded rocket launched into space.

Scheduled Spaceflights



Luna 02 Flight Patch Logo

Luna 02 Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for an eternally visible location to remember a life. Reservations are open.

Enterprise Flight Patch Logo

Enterprise Flight

Travel through deep space, leaving the Earth-Moon system on a permanent celestial journey aboard the Enterprise Flight. Reservations are open.

Aurora Flight Patch Logo

Aurora Flight

Touch the Sky… Seek the Stars… Return Home.

Horizon Flight Patch Logo

Horizon Flight

Orbit our home planet on our most popular memorial spaceflight service

Completed Spaceflights

Heritage Flight Patch Logo

Heritage Flight

Launched: Jun 25, 2019
Earth Orbit Service
Starseeker Flight Patch Logo

Starseeker Flight

Launched: Sep 17, 2018
Earth Rise Service
Tribute Flight Patch Logo

Tribute Flight

Launched: Nov 6, 2015
Earth Rise Service
Conestoga Flight Patch Logo

Conestoga Flight

Launched: Oct 23, 2014
Earth Rise Service
Centennial Flight Patch Logo

Centennial Flight

Launched: Jun 21, 2013
Earth Rise Service
New Frontier Flight Patch Logo

New Frontier Flight

Launched: May 22, 2012
Earth Orbit Service
Goddard Flight Patch Logo

Goddard Flight

Launched: May 20, 2011
Earth Rise Service
Pioneer Flight Patch Logo

Pioneer Flight

Launched: May 4, 2010
Earth Rise Service
Discovery Flight Patch Logo

Discovery Flight

Launched: May 2, 2009
Earth Rise Service
Explorers Flight Patch Logo

Explorers Flight

Launched: Aug 2, 2008
Earth Orbit Service
Legacy Flight Patch Logo

Legacy Flight

Launched: Apr 28, 2007
Earth Rise Service
Odyssey Flight Patch Logo

Odyssey Flight

Launched: Sep 21, 2001
Earth Orbit Service
Millennial Flight Patch Logo

Millennial Flight

Launched: Dec 20, 1999
Earth Orbit Service
Ad Astra Flight Patch Logo

Ad Astra Flight

Launched: Feb 10, 1998
Earth Orbit Service
Luna 01 Flight Patch Logo

Luna 01 Flight

Launched: Jan 6, 1998
Luna Service
Founders Flight Patch Logo

Founders Flight

Launched: Apr 21, 1997
Earth Orbit Service
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