Memorial Spaceflights

Advanced Planning

Plan Now for Your Future Memorial Spaceflight

If you dream of spaceflight, marvel at the stars in the night sky, or contemplate the future through the works of science fiction, a Memorial Spaceflight may well be the right choice for you.

Celestis has helped many people worldwide plan ahead. We can help you make an informed decision about the Memorial Spaceflight option that is most meaningful for you.

With a Celestis prearrangement plan, not only will you be certain of your wishes being met, you’ll also eliminate much of the need for your loved ones to secure, plan for, and complete your flight arrangements - permitting them instead to focus on their plans to attend the launch.

Your Wish Fulfilled

By prearranging your Memorial Spaceflight service, you ensure that your final wishes are both known to your survivors and fulfilled after your passing.

You can specify the type of Memorial Spaceflight service you desire – a flight into Earth orbit, a trip to the Moon, a round trip flight to space with return to Earth, or a cosmic journey into the depths of space.

Guarantee the Price and Service

Planning your Memorial Spaceflight in advance will provide your family peace of mind when the difficult time comes to make final arrangements.  Once a prearranged contract is in place, your service is protected from future price increases.

As you pay for your contract, Celestis makes deposits in a trust reserve account in accordance with the contract terms – guaranteeing that your mission will be fully paid for at time of need.  Celestis prearranged trust accounts are operated by ClearPoint Federal Bank & Trust, a nationally recognized leader in funeral services banking. 

Together, we have more than two decades of experience in prearranging Memorial Spaceflight services.

Choose among Payment Options

We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your needs and budget.

With a qualifying down payment you will lock in the price of your chosen Memorial Spaceflight service, and you may use a payment plan, insurance proceeds, or other sources to complete the payment at a time of your choosing.

Easy to Arrange

Our services are easy to arrange and convenient to fulfill. At the appropriate time, we will send a Celestis Flight Sampling Kit to your family or funeral service provider (as you direct).

The Kit contains everything necessary to simply, and with dignity, provide us with a symbolic portion of your cremated remains or DNA sample for flight.

We will also invite your friends and family members to the launch-related events for your mission, and permanently post your biography in the Memorial Section of our website.

Attend Celestis Launch Events

Once you’ve chosen to prearrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight service, you’ll receive invitations for you, your family, and friends to attend Celestis launch and related activities.  

For many, this unique opportunity for closeup interaction with the people and companies that make spaceflight happen is a particularly meaningful benefit.

Fulfill the Dream of Spaceflight

Contact us today to learn more about Memorial Spaceflights and to make reservations.


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