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Prearranging with Celestis Overcomes Man's Obstacles to His Spaceflight Dreams


Many of the people who have prearranged their own memorial spaceflights have chosen the Celestis Voyager Service, which flies cremated remains or DNA into deep space. It’s an incredible service fitting for anyone who is fascinated by space exploration, science fiction or our place in the cosmos.

Mr. Don McInnis chose to prearrange a Celestis Voyager Service mission for himself so as to realize his spaceflight aspirations. “I chose Celestis,” Mr. McInnis writes, “because it seemed like a company that wanted to help me to fulfill a dream of traveling into space. Because of my disabilities, I didn’t figure the military would accept me, so that pretty well put any dreams I had of ever being an astronaut to rest.”

Mr. Don McInnis
Don McInnis

When asked what about his life story makes a memorial spaceflight especially meaningful to him, Mr. McInnis writes, “I have always enjoyed hearing about or seeing anything to do with spaceflight, from rocket and/or space shuttle launches to experiencing weightlessness to seeing what the human body can actually accomplish while in space.”

Most Celestis participants have a “flight message” – a brief phrase that summarizes their, or their family’s sentiments about their memorial spaceflight mission. The flight message appears on the Celestis website along with the participant’s name, photo and biography. It also is included in the spacecraft that flies the participant on their celestial journey. For his flight message Mr. McInnis has chosen, “Obstacles overcome, God as your Guide, FREEDOM!”

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Prearranging a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight provides you and your family a number of benefits. You lock in the price of your spaceflight at today’s price, thus protecting you and your family from future price increases. By prearranging you’ll relieve your family of much of the stress they will face at the time of your passing: In addition to your contract, Celestis provides you a Prearrangement Certificate that you can display on your wall or keep with your important papers, confirming your plans for a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight. Your family will know your final wishes, helping to ensure they are carried out. At the time of need your family can attend your launch in person or view it online, thus helping them achieve closure. They will be thrilled with the roar of the rocket lifting you off the launch pad, and with watching your spacecraft as it ascends into the sky. What’s more, Celestis will invite you to attend Celestis launches now: Enjoy the excitement of a rocket launch, meet families that have chosen to commemorate their loved ones lives with Celestis, and meet Celestis personnel. Plus, arranging your future memorial spaceflight is simple to do. We can help you create a 0% interest payment plan that fits your budget. Celestis deposits your payments in a trust reserve account, which is operated by ClearPoint Federal Bank & Trust, a nationally recognized leader in funeral services banking.

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