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Destiny Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for an eternally visible location to remember a life on the Destiny Flight (formerly the "Luna 03 Flight").

About The Destiny Flight

A mission of purpose, a dream fulfilled.

Launch Experience

Witness the power and grandeur of a launch into space.

Honored Participants

Read about the participants aboard the Destiny Flight.


Hear first hand impressions from Celestis launch guests.

Moon Rise

Destiny Flight Details

Mission Status: Open For Reservations

Honor the dream and memory of your departed loved one aboard the Destiny memorial spaceflight. This Luna service includes:

  • Personal flight capsule launched to the Moon aboard a commercial rocket.
  • Invitation to attend the launch and view from a preferred location.
  • Includes a pre-launch tour of the launch site, memorial service attendance, and much more. 
  • Unable to travel to see the launch? No problem. Watch the memorial service and the launch live, via webcast. 
  • Service performance is guaranteed.
Destiny Flight

Starting at $12,500

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About the Destiny Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for a uniquely compelling location to remember a special life aboard our next Luna Service spaceflight -- open for reservations.

Join families from around the world for the ultimate mission of purpose – the Celestis Destiny Flight.

Like previous missions, the Destiny Flight - Celestis’ third Luna mission -  is expected to be sold out well in advance.

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Luna Service #3

Celestis Memorial Spaceflight: #22
Mission Name: Destiny Flight
Mission Status: Open For Reservations
Launch Location: TBA
Launch Date: Q4 2023
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