Memorial Spaceflights

Destiny Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for an eternally visible location to remember a life on the Destiny Flight.

About The Destiny Flight

A mission of purpose, a dream fulfilled.

Launch Experience

Witness the power and grandeur of a launch into space.

Honored Participants

Read about the participants aboard the Destiny Flight.


Hear first hand impressions from Celestis launch guests.

Destiny Flight Details

Mission Status: Open For Reservations

Honor the dream and memory of your departed loved one aboard the Destiny memorial spaceflight. This Luna service includes:

  • Personal flight capsule launched to the Moon aboard a commercial rocket.
  • Invitation to attend the launch and view from a preferred location.
  • Includes a pre-launch tour of the launch site, memorial service attendance, and much more. 
  • Unable to travel to see the launch? No problem. Watch the memorial service and the launch live, via webcast. 
  • Service performance is guaranteed.
Destiny Flight

Starting at $12,995

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About the Destiny Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for a uniquely compelling location to remember a special life aboard our next Luna Service spaceflight -- open for reservations.

Join families from around the world for the ultimate mission of purpose – the Celestis Destiny Flight.

Like previous missions, the Destiny Flight - Celestis’ third Luna mission -  is expected to be sold out well in advance.

Destiny Flight Updates

Destiny Flight Updates

Stay informed about the Destiny Flight schedule, important event details, live launch broadcast and more.

Luna Service #3

Celestis Memorial Spaceflight: #22
Mission Name: Destiny Flight
Mission Status: Open For Reservations
Launch Location: TBA
Launch Date: Q1 2026
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