Memorial Spaceflights

Starseeker Flight Participants

See the life stories of those on board The Starseeker Flight.

  • Mitchel A. Angell
    "We love you Mickey"
  • Pamela S. Dallenbach
    "I Love You to the Moon and Back"
  • Hugh Daniel
    "If found email"
  • Michael Jason Daugherty
    "The Universe Is Now Yours"
  • Brett "Buzz" Dawson
  • John B. Drescher
    "Always and Forever"
  • Alan Trent Foley, Sr.
    "We Love and miss you Dad"
  • Robert L. Graham, Jr. (Bob)
  • Deanna Marie Griffin
  • Edwin R. Hoffman
    "He Did It His Way."
  • Helmut W. Kranz
    "We Love You Dad"
  • Hulen H. Luetjen
    "“It’s go time!” Loving family"
  • Yoshiko Matsumoto
  • Lindsey Marie McCray
    "Go dance with the star"
  • Barry Miller
    "Infinity X Infinity"
  • Mr. Nobuyoshi Mori
  • Kayoko Nakamura
  • Michael Thomas Rafter
  • Chizuko Sampei
  • Frances W. Sherrick
    "With Love, a space adventure..."
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