Memorial Spaceflights

Adam Amador

"Until We Meet Again Soul Fly... Fly free"

Passionate about music and an avid guitar collector, Adam's favorite moments involved being able to share his music with his little brother Joey.  He cared deeply for his grandmother Marianne, mother Suzanne, father Gabriel, sister Heather,  brother Joey, Uncle Scott, and nephew Clayton.  With his big heart he took on the role of daddy to Jasper and Hayden.  He showed his deep love through his actions from holding them all night while they were sick to sitting through endless hours of dance and baseball practice while watching with pride.  He often mentioned that he wanted to be shot into the space if he were to pass.  Adam you are missed more than words can express.
"We sat outside the studio at night
Among a few candles
And closed our eyes for a minute
After that, we jammed
Straight from our hearts
We didn*t play for ourselves
But for the ones no longer with us in flesh
But always with
Us in spirit
God bless
Until we meet again
Soul fly... fly free!"


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