Memorial Spaceflights

Aurora Flight Participants

See the life stories of those on board The Aurora Flight.

  • Jim Merriman
    "Earthbound Astronaut Earthbound No More"
  • H.T. "John" Mitchell IV
    "Travel with 'The Force' into the stars!"
  • Setsuko Mizuide
  • Mark Fabian Molava
  • Robert A. Moran
  • Kodi Jerod Mosley
    "Final Flight Over the Equator"
  • Patrick James Murray
  • Shunkai Naito
  • David Lawrence Newman
  • Doris Sara Porter
    "Enjoy the views nana"
  • Grant Sellers Pritchard
  • Edgar Allen Rawls
    "We love you"
  • Gilberto Javier Rojas
    "You GOT THIS! We love you."
  • Jacob Ryan
    "Mission accomplished! Jakeyman signing off."
  • John Alan Seebode
    "We Love You, Enjoy the Ride <3"
  • Caleb Dane Shaw
    "Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky!!!"
  • Hiroyuki Shibao
  • Clayton J. Smith
  • Robert Arnold Smith
    "'I've always wanted to go to space!' - Robert"
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