Memorial Spaceflights

Excelsior Flight Participants

See the life stories of those on board The Excelsior Flight.

  • Isabelle Sakamoto "Izzy"
    "Ad Astra, little one"
  • Richard Warren Arwood, Jr.
    "Until Our Hearts Meet Again"
  • James Clement Aungst
  • Dave Barrett
    "Poyekhali! (Lets Go!)"
  • Willie S. Beckham, Jr.
    "You finally made it! We love you daddy"
  • Steven W. Bennett
    "Fly high Babe!"
  • Michael Jay Bequette
    "To Infinity and Beyond"
  • Henry Leo Bestor and Marilyn Ione Bestor
    "We miss you very much"
  • Gordon Richard Bourbonnais
    "We love you to the stars and back."
  • Richard Braastad
    "Truth, Responsibility, Kindness"
  • Jamison Owen Braddock
  • Joshua William Bragg
  • Marc B. Brindisi
    "Have Fun Storming The Castle"
  • Gordon Nevin Browne
    "Fulfilling your Spaceflight Dream"
  • Allen Michael Bychek
    "Your new flight altitude record. Flown with love."
  • Huiliang Cao
    "To Infinity and Beyond."
  • Dr. Charles Thomas Caskey
  • Graciela Chapa
  • Donna L. Crooker
    "You were the world to us, here's the world for you"
  • Mark Daniels
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