Memorial Spaceflights

Huiliang Cao

"50 years of love will go infinity and beyond"
1936 - 2020

Huiliang Cao was born in Shanghai. And he is the third child in a four-child family. The family experienced a financial difficult time, when he was at middle school. Then, he had to give away the opportunity of higher education to his brothers and sister. Therefore, he went to Shanghai Electric Power school instead of a high school. After graduation, he went to work as a technician at Yang Shu Pu Power Plant which was the first modern power plant in Shanghai China.

His most favorite class at middle school was physics. He finally became an electrical engineer during his work by self-study.

He went to Beijing and work at Hua Bei Electric Power Design Institute after 20 years of old. He spent most of his life time in Beijing, except 13 years in Shan Xi province(1970-1983).

He married Peikun Wu in Beijing during 1950s. His wife was his colleague. They had an adopted son from his wife’s younger sister in 1970s.

Huliang was a broad-minded and humorous person. He likes and is good at cooking. He can make very delicious Shanghai style Chinese food. His family life was happy and warm. All the family members loved each other. Maybe affected by him, his son’s favorite classes is physics too and became a computer software engineer finally.

He had traveled a lot not only in China but also world wide during his work. He had been to the former Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia during cold war period. He had also visited UK and US many times afterward.

He completely retired from his work in 2004. Then he spent a peaceful retire life at Beijing home until a cerebral infarction on Dec. 2018. His wife and he went to Yangzhou in Jiangsu province and lived there since 2019, where their son worked during that period of time..

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