Memorial Spaceflights

Richard Warren Arwood, Jr.

"Until Our Hearts Meet Again"
1958 - 2015

"Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” – Carl Sagan 

In 1966 Rick received his first science kit from his best childhood friend -- John Nowlan's father, Dr. Bernard Nowlan of Grand Falls, New Brunswick Canada. He cherished this set for years to come. Rick was fascinated with anything science. He loved his two turtles, Speedy and Quicky, and he loved reading: He was fascinated and curious when reading about the future. His favorite show was Lost in Space, and he loved looking up science facts in our old encyclopedias. He later went on to Arizona Tech and then established himself with high clearance at Stanford Research Institute in California. He started his own internet company in 1985 and re-established himself with his new company, D.C. Wireless of Roseburg, Oregon.

Rick fulfilled his dream of becoming a Police Officer with the Roseburg Police Department where he shared his passion with two of his sons who were also on the force.  He became a police officer because he loved to help those in need.  He had a passion for scuba diving, 69' Camaro's, motorcycles, science, traveling, learning about all cultures and he loved family.  His presence is with us all and his life continues on through us and especially through his children and grandchildren.

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