Memorial Spaceflights

Excelsior Flight Participants

See the life stories of those on board The Excelsior Flight.

  • Edmund F. Gaffney, Jr.
    "73 - ka9ETP - ka9wsy - 88"
  • Robert E. “Rob” Gibson, Jr.
    "Space, the final frontier."
  • Katheryn Hansen
    "A bright shooting star, off you go, enjoy the view"
  • Richard Andrew Heisler
  • Kenneth H. Hirth
  • Romeo Francis Howe
    "Gone but Never Forgotten"
  • William D. Huyck
    "Changes in Latitude"
  • Gordon Wilford Johnson
  • Steven David Kapplin
  • Christopher Karagianis
  • Laurie Allison Karma
    "Text us when you get there!"
  • Sharon Krueger
  • David Van Lane
  • Charles John Lauer
  • David Allen Lavender
  • Patricia Virginia Leiter
  • Cheryl Lesar
    "God speed into that good night."
  • Carl N. Lindgren
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