Memorial Spaceflights

Enterprise Flight Participants

See the life stories of those on board The Enterprise Flight.

  • Robert Mark Chapman
  • Philip Kenyon Chapman ScD
    "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield"
  • Christine Aurelie Chase
  • Terry Keith Chase
  • John Andrew Chimenti
  • Douglas F. Coppola
    "Now you are STARDUST!"
  • Timothy Heywood Crawford
  • Mary Doreen Croser
  • Georgina Dale-Spencer
    "To Eternity and Beyond"
  • Hugh Daniel
    "If found email"
  • Catherine T. Detjen-Monks
    "'God bless the U.S.A', 'To Boldly Go...'"
  • Carolyn J. Dodson
  • Eric Donaldson
  • James Doohan
    "God be with you. Love Wende"
  • Arlene Dubinsky
  • JoAnne Elizabeth Egli
    "Embracing the Universe"
  • Chance E. Ferguson
  • Larry Kyle Forrest
    "More to discover, always"
  • Ursurla G. Fretz
  • Joseph R. Garza, MD
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