Memorial Spaceflights

Tory and Rebecca Bruno

Mr. Tory Bruno and his wife Rebecca Bruno are engineers, rocket scientists, and lifelong space enthusiasts. 

Tory is the President and CEO of United Launch Alliance, one of the world’s leading heavy lift space launch companies. Over his decades long career, Tory has developed and fielded dozens of advanced systems in rocketry, hypersonics, directed energy, and space. He has a deep background in national security with a focus on space launch, nuclear deterrence, and missile defense.  Tory is a recipient of the von Karman Medal and Lecture in Astronautics, the Von Braun Award, and the General John Alison Award.  He is an Honorary Fellow of the AIAA, a Member of the National Academy of Engineers, a Companion of the Naval Order, and a Commander of the SMOTJ Order of Merit.  He holds patents in rocket technology and is the author of books on medieval historyTory maintains an active social media presence where he is a tireless advocate for space and always available as everyone’s personal rocket scientist.

In addition to being a rocket scientist, Rebecca is a ranch manager, mother and proud new grandmother. She earned her engineering degree at Cal Poly and went straight to work for Lockheed Martin, developing the Trident II missile system. As a Dynamics and Vibrations Flight Scientist, she performed complex analysis in novel environments. Her career took her into the systems engineering of hypersonic reentry vehicles, nuclear weapon systems, several other rockets, and even the Space Shuttle. Now retired, Rebecca has raised two more rocket scientists and is working on her and Tory’s two-year old grandchild. You can never start too early as space demands nothing less! 

As a designer, analyst and leader, Tory has developed dozens of systems and launched nearly 400 rockets, but this will be the first one he’s ever “ridden.” A wonderful way to mark nearly four decades of service to space and… a 38th anniversary!

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