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Hugh Joseph Boyle

"Maigh Eo•Donegal•Chicago•Gold Canyon•That-a-way"
1947 - 2023

Hugh Joseph Boyle was born on June 12, 1947, on Chicago's South Side to Annie (nee Joyce, County Mayo) and Hugh Sr. (County Donegal). Hugh's earliest job was helping deliver papers with the Chicago Daily News.

It was 1954. He was only 7. But with two younger siblings, an absent father, and his mother tending to his baby brother, he had little choice and did what he could to help support his family.

After The Chicago Daily ceased publication, he found a new home with both the Sun-Times and the Tribune, again in the circulation department.

He left the newspaper business to start a fence company in the early 1980s, Gaelic Park among his many accomplishments. By the late 1990s, he had dabbled in the vending/arcade business, real estate investing, owning a tavern (Brannigan's), and working for IDOT.

In 2001, he fulfilled his long-time goal of joining his early Daily News friend, Donnie, in Arizona. Together, they continued with their real estate ventures until the 2007 crash. Hugh returned to the vending business to bide his time in his little piece of desert paradise. He never did retire. He worked until the very end.

Along the way, he said farewell to many good friends, but he never forgot his Chicago roots or humble upbringing. He's happy to join his parents, his sister Maureen, his brother Tommy, his lifelong comrade Donnie, and many more. 

He was a father. A grandfather. A cat lover. And a friend. 

Hugh was beamed up early in the morning on January 27, 2023. He would like to remind us all to live long and prosper. He is survived by, well, anyone who happens to see this. Many of whom, he knows, love him dearly and will miss him.

Hugh never did find out where all the time went. But as he embarks on this final journey with some of his favorite crew, he is reminded that time, too, is a companion. One with which he will share the stars.

"No Goodbyes, Just Good Memories.”

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