Memorial Spaceflights

Linda Gaye Brothers

"Peace, Maynard"

Linda Brothers (AKA Maynard) was a unique individual. She was a totally honest person, and not afraid to express her opinions. Many people were touched by her, and felt honored to have known her.

Linda had many interests; she loved her family, friends, animals, science fiction, Star Trek and Dr. Who to name just a few. To be forever traveling the universe was her fantastic dream. And it is a fantastic dream to those of us who loved her to know she will always be with us in the infinite sky forever.

Linda Brothers was born and lived in Illinois. She worked in the health care profession for many years. She was preceded in death by her parents, Ted and Jo, and brother Mike. She leaves her brother Danny (Sibyl), sister-in-law Brenda, a sister, nieces and nephews, and many, many friends.

We love you, Maynard. Fly high and free.

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