Memorial Spaceflights

Dr. Julia Dykina

"Ad astra per aspera"
1979 - 2022

Julia Dykina (Julia James) was born and raised in Voznesensk, Ukraine. Her parents are Valerii Dykin and Nataliia Dykina, and her brother is Ivan Dykin. She completed her Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics. She flew across the world and lived in Texas. Although she left her home country, she made sure to bring the culture and traditions with her. She has three beautiful children, Valentina, Valerie, and Alexander. She volunteered and helped those around her throughout all her life. She was an activist in demonstrating for Ukraine, sending military equipment and standing outside NASA bringing attention to the war. She was a true Ukrainian patriot and she inspired those around her to be as passionate as she was. She loved to travel and to experience nature, especially hugging trees to feel closer to mother nature. She was passionate about space and dreamed that her children would become astronauts. She was active in interviews and conferences regarding her interest in space. She would often listen to “Space Oddity” by Chris Hadfield. She dreamed of going to space, and now is her chance. “Space is not far away; it is only an hour drive! Only if your car is a rocket!” She will continue to inspire her family, friends, and those who were fortunate enough to meet her. She will be greatly missed and loved. Ad astra, Julia!

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