Memorial Spaceflights
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What are the symbols displayed on the satellite tracking map?

  • "LAT" and LNG" represent the latitude and longitude of the location on Earth directly underneath the satellite

  • "ALT" represents the altitude of the satellite in kilometers.

  • "SPD" represents the speed of the satellite in kilometers per second.

  • "TAURUS R/B" refers to the Taurus Rocket Body to which the Celestis payload is attached.

  • "START AZIMUTH," "MAX ELEVATION," and "END AZIMUTH" refer to the positions in the sky in which the satellite will be located on the date and times indicated.

  • "TOTAL DURATION" refers to the amount of time the satellite will be in your sky during its pass over your location, i.e., from the time it rises over one horizon to the time it sets over another horizon.

  • The dark area on each map represents nighttime and the light area represents


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