Memorial Spaceflights
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Does the service create space debris pollution? Are cremated remains or DNA samples released into space?

Celestis spacecraft and missions are carefully designed so as not to create space debris, and cremated remains and DNA samples are never released into space. 

Each Earth Orbit Service spacecraft either stays permanently attached to a rocket stage or a satellite that orbits Earth until the spacecraft harmlessly re-enters and is completely consumed by Earth’s atmosphere — blazing like a shooting star in final tribute to the passengers aboard. 

For Earth Rise missions the Flight Capsules are flown and recovered,  Luna and Voyager missions are flown aboard or as part of a spacecraft and not released.

For missions that are launched aboard a commercially purchased launcher, the Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration issues a license that verifies that the Celestis payload does not contribute to orbital debris. For missions not subject to FAA approval, Celestis voluntarily follows the same guidelines that prevent orbital pollution from its missions.

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