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Earth Orbiting Spacecraft

Celestis Earth Orbit spacecraft remain aloft for varying time periods, depending on the final orbit altitude achieved. The 1997 Founders Flight and 2012 New Frontier Flight spacecraft have already re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere, blazing like a shooting star in final tribute. The Horizon, HeritageMillennial and Ad Astra spacecraft remain on orbit and are tracked below. By using this tracking tool, families and friends can plan additional remembrances and celebrations, timed to the passage overhead of their loved one’s satellite.

To view other past and future missions visit our Launch Schedule.

Also, consider the Celestis Above Satellite Tracker, a device which you can attach to your television set and track all four Celestis satellites -- and the International Space Station -- in real time. The device also alerts you when a Celestis satellite passes overhead.


Celestis' 22nd mission the Enterprise Flight, was launched on January 8, 2024 to deep space where it will join the other planets, moons, comets, and asteroids in our solar system on a never-ending journey through the cosmos.

The animation shows the current position of the spacecraft and the distance to Earth updated in real-time. 

- Uncheck the "Real-time" box, to manually adjust the time with the slider bar, or

- Check the "Animate" box to display from the end of the last boost maneuver until about one year after launch.


Celestis 21, The Ascension Flight, was launched on May 25, 2022 and is projected to remain in orbit for approximately 5 years.

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Celestis 17, The Horizon Flight, was launched on January 24, 2021 and is projected to remain in orbit for 4-7 years.

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Celestis 16, The Heritage Flight, was launched on June 25, 2019 and is projected to remain in orbit for 7-25 years.

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The Millennial Flight

Celestis 04, The Millennial Flight, was launched on December 20, 1999 and is projected to remain on orbit for 240 years.

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The Ad Astra Flight

Celestis 03, The Ad Astra Flight, was launched on February 10, 1998 and is projected to remain on orbit for 240 years.

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What are the symbols displayed on the satellite tracking map?

  • "LAT" and LNG" represent the latitude and longitude of the location on Earth directly underneath the satellite

  • "ALT" represents the altitude of the satellite in kilometers.

  • "SPD" represents the speed of the satellite in kilometers per second.

  • "TAURUS R/B" refers to the Taurus Rocket Body to which the Celestis payload is attached.

  • "START AZIMUTH," "MAX ELEVATION," and "END AZIMUTH" refer to the positions in the sky in which the satellite will be located on the date and times indicated.

  • "TOTAL DURATION" refers to the amount of time the satellite will be in your sky during its pass over your location, i.e., from the time it rises over one horizon to the time it sets over another horizon.

  • The dark area on each map represents nighttime and the light area represents


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