Memorial Spaceflights

Ronald RonJon Lang, Jr.

"We love you RJ, enjoy the ride."
1970 - 2006

To our Son Ronny,

Since you’ve come to the end of your journey and traveled that last weary mile, just remember that we will remember your kind words, compassionate heart and good humor as long as we live. We loved you through the hard battles and the victories. Our memories of you are good and of high spirits. Your friends and family think and speak of you often with fondness and love. We can’t mention your name without bringing a smile to our faces. Your friendship and love will always be remembered. Your passing has truly put life in perspective: love and be loved. All the rest is irrelevant. You sure did your fair share of that. Your Mom, Sister and I want you to enjoy this e-ticket ride into the heavens. Life will never be the same without you, but it will move on for all of us left behind. Farewell to a great son and friend. 

See you soon, 
Love Melanie, Mom and Dad

Note that Ronald John Lang, Sr. “Ron”, who passed away in 2018, is a participant on the Horizon Flight.

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