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Phyllis Schmid Broussard

"I'll Be Looking Up At The Brightest Star In Heaven"
1920 - 1999

Phyllis Helen Schmid was born on March 5, 1920, in Monroe, Wisconsin. After finishing school in Monroe, she moved to California with the goal of establishing a career in the business world. She found success in Los Angeles and San Francisco, then later in Seattle and Yakima, Washington.

Phyllis devoted her working life to her business career. She excelled in every endeavor, always adhering to sound business ethics, yet never losing her personal touch with people. Ethical living in business and in her personal time was the secret of Phyllis' success.

After a long, productive career, she finally retired and devoted her time to personal pursuits. She moved to the desert in Rancho Mirage, California, where she turned her energies and drive to playing golf. She soon became an avid golfer. Phyllis' leadership qualities were apparent to all, and she was elected chairperson of the Ladies Desert Golf Teams.

Her love of golf was exceeded only by her love for her husband Mayo Broussard, a fellow golfer whom she met in retirement. They made a good team, on the course and off, winning several golf competitions. Mayo admired the way Phyllis always insisted on playing by the rules and keeping the right score.

Phyllis departed these Earthly greens on July 8, 1999. She is on her way to heaven to play golf with all the past greats. Now Phyllis will be able to keep an eye on all of us, making sure we're still playing by the rules.

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