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Linda Sue Braun

1944 - 2022

Linda Sue Braun, 77, of Gresham, Oregon, passed away on February 13, 2022 due to persistent heart problems. Linda was born on August 7, 1944 to William Carl Braun and Ruth Eve Eyler in Dayton Ohio. Linda obtained her Master’s Degree in physics at New Mexico State University in May of 1983. Highlights of her career include contributing to an experiment that wound up on the Space Shuttle in the early 1980s as well as being able to apply to be an astronaut. She worked in the Aero-space industry from the late 1970s into the 1990s, ultimately leaving the industry and switching to social work with Orange County, California.

Linda was an avid belly dancer, bicyclist, and jogger for much of her adult life. She also had a keen eye for art, and her sketching skills were impeccable as she could recreate a photo-realistic sketch drawing free- hand. She also enjoyed writing poetry as well as humorous stories, which were enjoyed by her friends and family members. After retirement Linda enjoyed playing Mah-Jong with friends, trips to the Oregon coast and Multnomah Falls, and frequent visits with her son and son-in-law.

Linda was preceded in death by her parents, her two sisters Becky (JO) Hughes and Nancy (Bruce) Galloway and is survived by her son Will (Laszlo) Cammack, nieces Teresa (Jack) Fitzpatrick, Jodie Galloway, Jay (Deborah) Hughes, and William “Whip” (Ivana) Hughes, and ex-husband Charles Cammack.

There will be no funeral service as Linda wished to be cremated, but her ashes will be flown into space on November 30, 2022, finally fulfilling her lifelong dream to make it into space. Many family members will gather for a memorial in Las Cruces, New Mexico (no details yet solidified.)

Linda will be deeply missed by her family and friends.

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