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Frank T. Kantrowitz

"I love you, Dad, Love Kari"
1949 - 2001

On October 6, 2001, Frank Thomas Kantrowitz left this Earth to become one with the universe. Born November 6, 1949 in Jersey City, New Jersey, he spent his childhood in East Rutherford, New Jersey. He graduated from East Rutherford High School in 1968. Moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 1973, he graduated from Arizona State University in 1981.

Upon graduation, he began work on his Master's Degree. In November 1982, he accepted a position with the Very Large Array radio observatory in Socorro, New Mexico where, for nine months, he studied the stars and galaxies. This was a great source of pride for him.

In July 1983, Frank accepted a position as a physicist for the U.S. Army Atmospheric Science Laboratory at White Sands Missile Range and later became a member of the Tri Service Board of the Office of the Test Directorate, where he studied and became a national expert on molecular spectroscopy. He was a member of various study panels and NATO groups.

Mr. Kantrowitz was an avid reader and book collector. He was known for his in-depth Web site, which contained many resources for study links.

Mr. Kantrowitz is survived by: his daughter, Kari Marcella Kantrowitz of Las Cruces, New Mexico; two sisters, Irene Miller and her husband, William Miller of Jersey City, New Jersey; Sally Kaiser of Carlstadt, New Jersey; a brother, Howard Kantrowitz and his wife, Joyce Kantrowitz of Plant City, Florida; numerous nieces and nephews; and his former wife, Patricia Knowles of Woodland Hills, California.

Welcoming him into the arms of the universe were his parents Agnes and Harwood Kantrowitz, and a nephew, William Miller, Jr.

Mass can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only change form.

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