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Discussing Celestis With Your Family and Loved Ones

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Discussions about what to do when one passes away can be difficult – so much so that many families avoid the subject altogether. The result is that when the time of need arrives, family members don’t know what their deceased relative would want them to do – Traditional burial? Cremation? Fly on a memorial spaceflight?

Or while most members of the family may think that you wanted to fly into space, one or two family members may not agree, and strenuously object – thwarting your true, final wishes.

You will be doing your family a favor by having this conversation now. It need not be a lengthy conversation – just a frank one where you make clear your desire to fly on a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight. When a loved one passes away family members are naturally upset. If they do not know what to do, in the heat of the moment they may make irrational and costly decisions they will later regret. Discuss your desire to fly on a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight now. Let your family know that you are interested in the Celestis service.

And let them know why you want to use Celestis – perhaps you’ve followed the space program for many years, or works of science fiction have led you to dream of flying through the galaxy, or you’re a longtime stargazer with a passion for the stars of the Milky Way? In any case, letting your family know why Celestis is important to you will help them appreciate your wishes and ensure they are fulfilled.

Pre-arrange your Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

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Also, consider taking the next step – pre-arrange a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight. There are several advantages to doing so:

* You lock in the price – Celestis prices have increased over the decades we have been providing our services. So pre-arranging now can save your estate money.

* With a signed contract, you guarantee your memorial spaceflight will occur.

* You’ll provide your family peace of mind – There will be no need for them to make snap decisions when you pass away: Because you’ll have a contract with Celestis, your wishes will literally be printed in black-and-white.

* In addition to your contract, Celestis will provide you a Certificate of Registration you can show to your family, keep with your important papers or display at your home or office.

* You’ll receive invitations to attend Celestis launches, where you and your family can experience firsthand the excitement, joy and real sense of closure families feel when their departed loved ones’ dreams of spaceflight are fulfilled. You and your family can also meet us in person: In fact, we invite you to get to know us, either in person at our launches, live over the phone or by following us on Facebook.

Note that the majority of your payments - Celestis retains a portion of your payments to cover costs associated with the long-term maintenance of the contract - will be deposited in a trust account in your name at ClearPoint Federal Bank & Trust, a recognized leader in pre-arrangement services.  The contract remains in your name and your control, including the right under the terms of the contract to cancel your service and receive a refund, until after Celestis has successfully completed your Memorial Spaceflight.

Contact us today to pre-arrange your Celestis service.

Pre-arrange your Celestis Memorial Spaceflight

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on 12/28/2022
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