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Celestis Partners with Genetic Health to Send Your DNA to Space

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Have you wanted to participate in a Memorial Spaceflight, but have something other than cremation in your final plans? Do you wish you could join a loved one on their infinite journey into space? Thanks to a new partnership between Celestis and Genetic Health, anyone can now send their unique genetic signature into space. Whether or not you choose cremation, you can participate in a Celestis Memorial Spaceflight through our Celestis DNA service, and living persons can now join their departed loved ones on their journey to the stars.

Celestis is thrilled to partner with Genetic Health, Inc. to provide you with an easy and convenient process for flying your DNA in the final frontier. After sending the Genetic Health lab a simple cheek swab, Genetic Health processes your DNA for spaceflight, and we do the rest: send your genetic blueprint to space! Unlike other services that fly their participants anonymously in a generic group capsule, we fly your DNA in your own customized space capsule engraved with your name. "Celestis is proud to offer the Celestis DNA service to our families, and to work with Genetic Health, a renowned laboratory," said Celestis CEO Charles Chafer, expressing his enthusiasm for the new partnership. Micheal Davis, Director Of Corporate Sales for Genetic Health Inc., said of the collaboration: "We at Genetic Health were over the Moon when the partnership with Celestis and their memorial spaceflight program came together. Working with Celestis, we have been providing families with another highly personalized, added value service. Bringing together two very innovative ideas, it has been great seeing clients' dreams and wishes come true."

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With the Celestis DNA service, even if you choose ground burial or another disposition method, your genes can still be sent to Earth orbit, the Moon, or deep space after your death. If you have a loved one participating on a Memorial Spaceflight, you and other living relatives can now join them by sending a symbolic portion of your own DNA on an eternal journey alongside the ashes of your loved one. And if you've always dreamed of space travel, you can send a part of yourself to space whether you have a loved one on board or not.

The Celestis DNA service not only flies your DNA into space, but also provides you with a complimentary home banking kit that lets you preserve your genetic material at home for future generations. You will initially be provided with a convenient DNA sampling kit and clear instructions for collecting a DNA sample using a cheek swab, and sending it to Genetic Health safely and securely. The process is simple: you rub your inner cheek with a sterile cotton swab several times, allow it to air dry, then seal and mail the swab to Genetic Health. Their skilled technicians will extract the DNA, then purify, stabilize, and preserve it to halt the DNA's natural degradation process and reinforce its structure by binding it to a substrate in a proprietary process developed by Genetic Health. The end product resembles a fine, white, dry powder that contains your entire genome, suitable for long-term storage and spaceflight. Genetic Health provides both you and Celestis with this substrate containing your DNA. Celestis flies its sample of the substrate, and your sample is included in a home banking kit, which you can store at room temperature. Your home banking kit ensures that your DNA will be available for future analysis or innovative memorial methods yet to be developed.

The Celestis DNA service is a unique way to fulfill spaceflight dreams, join a loved one on their infinite journey to the stars, or simply make your mark in the universe. Contact us today to learn more about how you can send your unique genetic signature to the farthest reaches of space!

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on 12/28/2022
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