Memorial Spaceflights

Vicky Jo Johnson

"Finally, Free To Let Go…"
1951 - 2009

Vicky's family moved frequently while she was growing up; however, she did manage to remain in Newark, California long enough to graduate from Newark High School. Within a few years she started working in Health Services for Alameda County where she retired after 32 years of faithful employment. Upon retirement Vicky took up residency in the quiet community of Sun City Lincoln Hills in 2004.

Vicky, at the age of 15, was diagnosed with diabetes. She struggled with this disease, and its medical implications, for over 40 years. Vicky left her entire estate to the American Diabetes Association, for research, in hope that this contribution will aid in someday finding a cure.

Vicky loved her family and friends. She enjoyed computers, reading, needlepoint, music, traveling and movies of all types. Vicky was quick to laugh and, as those of us left behind found out, saved mementos from every significant event in her life as well as her family and friends lives. Vicky was the one person in our family that kept track of extended family members keeping everyone connected. She will be missed by all who were fortunate enough to know her.

Vicky enjoyed the freedom associated with flying; she often stated she wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride ... someday. Vicky's last wish was to be buried in space and her family is honored and pleased to be able to do so.

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