Memorial Spaceflights

T. Kevin Smyth

"The final grand adventure!"
1953 - 2022

Kevin was born and raised in Belmar, New Jersey, and eventually moved to Colorado.  He had a rare blend of intellect, humor, passion, and kindness.  He knew about everything from the sciences and arts to cars, bicycling, sailing, music, woodworking, and skiing.  And he always had an endless number of wonderfully entertaining stories about his many adventures, including dancing the tango with his wife in Argentina. 

Kevin had a contagious enthusiasm and commitment to each of his many new endeavors. He eagerly shared his new discoveries with his many friends around the world so they could enjoy them as well. 

He had a generous soul, always thinking of others and willing to give his time and resources to those in need.  Kevin loved to give children toys and gifts that would inspire them to learn, explore and be creative.  He loved dogs, especially his Norwegian Elkhounds. 

Kevin was always creative, venturesome, and never resting.  From an early age, he dreamed about traveling to space and wished this flight for his final grand adventure.  He is much loved. 


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