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Susan Mary Raggett

"To Infinity and Beyond"
1954 - 2007

Susan was one of five children born to Shirley and Stanley Hockings in a small town called Portishead near Bristol in England. She got married and had her only child me, Elizabeth, when she was 25. Susan always wanted a large family of her own, but due to complications that wasn’t to be. But she devoted all her time and love to me, and we grew very close. She was more than just a Mum to me. She was my best friend. After she got divorced, she went on to meet her soul mate Philip, who she shared the rest of her life with.

Susan suffered from rheumatoid arthritis which stopped her doing the things she loved. Like playing badminton and dancing. She was always so full of life. Even when she was told she had cancer she battled on with her head held high. She managed to pull through kidney cancer and breast cancer. But sadly the breast cancer came back and she finally lost the fight. She fought long enough to see me get married and give birth to her Grandson, one of her life’s ambitions.

Susan was a huge sci-fi and Star Trek fan and collected all the books, games, models and videos. She even had her own uniform, which she would put on to embarrass me in front of friends. She was fascinated with space, and on her 50th birthday I named a star after her, the “Susan Mary.” She always wanted her remains to be shot into the sun. As this was impossible I did the next best thing, scattered into space. So now she will be where she always wanted to be, and every time I look up at the stars I’ll know she’s there watching over me.

My Mum will always be an inspiration to me. She battled cancer with a smile on her face, and always saw the funny side to everything. She made me laugh, she made me cry, and she was always there with a big cuddle when I needed it. I’ll always miss her every minute of every day. But will be glad in my heart knowing she’s in a better place, where she can dance and laugh as much as she likes.


by Susan Mary Raggett

If I should die tomorrow
It would never mean goodbye
For I have left my heart with you
So don't you ever cry.

This love that’s deep within
Will reach you from the stars
You will feel it from the heavens
And it will heal the scars.

I love you so my dear
So try to do your best
Don’t turn away and close your mind
Now let me lie and rest.


by Susan Mary Raggett

I won't be long before we catch
A rocket up to mars
And spend the weekend visiting
Our friends upon the stars.

At Christmas when days are cold
And carol singers sing
We'll catch a rocket round the sun
And get a taste of Spring.

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