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Steven Shane Law

"Forever looking over us"
1975 - 2020

Steven Shane Law was born May 31, 1975 and took his life September 25, 2020 -- 45 years young. He was a victim of the COVID isolation lockdown.

Steven, who was born and lived in Australia, was the son of Sue and David Law, and had five siblings: Sally, Daniel, Simon, Timmy and James. He had three children -- Katie, Amber and Jack -- and was the uncle of Annaliese, Mitchell, Liam, Coby, Lachlan, Ruby, Luke, Paul, Andi and Peanut.

Steven loved life and had so much fun living it. He was described by all to be a beautiful, loving, caring, happy, funny man. He always had a smile on his face and was an inspiration who lit up everyone and every life he entered into. He loved to make you laugh and smile. He was a kindhearted, humble man and a talented, creative soul. He loved and hungered for new adventures.

The happiest people can be the saddest and loneliest. If only he told someone. He was loved by so many.

Steven loved film making, cricket, snowboarding, Hawks football, Minecraft, inventing, building, family holidays and fun fun fun.

Steve's last awesome adventure is to go into space. It couldn't be more perfect. Steve would be beaming.

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