Memorial Spaceflights

Stephen Martin Tracey

"You'll never walk alone"
1973 - 2007

Stephen was born in Glasgow Scotland the youngest child of John and Anne, and brother to Jean John and Andrew. The family moved to Romford England when Stephen was six months old.

From an early age Stephen loved music and his favourite music at the age of five years was Buddy Holly, progressing to Pink Floyd. He also loved motor bikes and had his first bike at the age of 16.

Stephen was a very talented artist: He could draw and sketch anything. He never had a sketch pad out of his hands.

The most amazing characteristics of Stephen were his good humour, kindness and free spirit: We will always remember him for these.

We all miss you Stephen. So we send you our love, and wherever we are we will look upwards and think of you as you journey upwards and onwards.


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