Memorial Spaceflights

Skylar Rose Beattie

"Love you to the moon & stars & all the way back"
2013 - 2022

Skylar Rose Beattie was born on June 26, 2013, in Two Rivers, Wisconsin to Krystle Cooley and Troy Beattie. Skylar had many nicknames, depending on who she was talking to. She liked to be called Sky by everyone, she allowed her mom, dad, and sister to call her Skylie, but only her mom was allowed to call her Sky-Sky, which she did often, and it became a special nickname between Sky and her mom. Sky was the rarest of beauties with her red hair and blue eyes. The uniqueness of Sky didn’t stop on the outside. She had an inner beauty to match. Her love for Jesus, family, and friends ran deep into her heart and soul. Sky never met a stranger. Once you met Sky, she was instantly a friend forever. With her outgoing personality, huge smile, and twinkle in her blue eyes, she made friends with everyone, no matter their age. Sky was in third grade at Valders Elementary and her principal once called her a “one kid welcoming committee” to any new student that came through the door. She never wanted anyone to feel left out. Sky made sure that no one in her class spent recess or ate lunch alone. She had a very sensitive soul and always wanted to make sure everyone was happy, especially her mom.

Sky loved all the things little girls love like unicorns, mermaids, and the color pink. She also loved some things not typical for little girls such as archery, fishing, YouTube, anime, and of course, space. In her eight short years, she danced ballet and tap, swam on the Valders Dolphins swim team, earned a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, joined the Cub Scouts (and sold a lot of popcorn), participated in Lego League, shot in archery competitions all over the state, and made countless Tik Tok videos with her sister and cousin. One of Sky’s favorite things to do was spending time with her older sister, Alexia. Whether they were playing, wrestling, watching YouTube together, or arguing, they loved each other deeply. Sky’s all-time favorite food was ice cream and she loved walking to the small ice cream shop down the street with Alexia. Sky and Alexia also loved walking to the gas station, going sledding in the winter, and walking to the park together. Neither one of them laughed as hard as they did together.

There wasn’t a challenge too big for Sky. With no hesitation, she jumped off a platform to zip line in the Colorado Rockies, racing with her sister. She made it to the top of rock-climbing walls and screamed on any roller coaster she was tall enough for. One of Sky’s favorite challenges was trying new foods – always, no matter what it was. She looked forward to her package arriving every month with different treats from all around the world. She dreamt of going to Japan one day to experience all the different types of foods. She was particularly interested in their clear Coke and jiggly cheesecake.

One challenge Sky never got the chance to tackle was her dream of becoming an astronaut. She decided around the age of three that she was going to be an astronaut when she got older, and she never changed her mind. She wore her astronaut costume to school for “wear what you want to become” day, and many, many days at home thereafter. She watched YouTube videos of astronauts in space and had stars projected all over her room. As beautiful, sensitive, and kind as Sky was, she had a stubborn streak that ran a mile deep (we blamed it on her red hair). If Sky set her heart to something, there was no changing her mind. There’s no doubt that had her life not been tragically cut short; she would have become an astronaut one day. Sky and her mom said to each other every night at bedtime after singing her Sunshine Song, “I love you to the moon, and the stars, and the galaxy, and all the way back”. Now, Sky’s wish came true, she made it to space. We will forever look to the stars, with tears in our eyes, telling Sky how very, very much she is loved and missed.

I will forever love you more Sky-Sky – Love, Mom

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