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Siegfried H. Warstat

"Time Together Was Too Short"
1935 - 2005

Sig was born and raised in Essen, Germany in 1934. He had one older sister. He lost his father in WW II at the age of nine.

He married in Essen and had two daughters. He moved his family to Eastern Canada in 1969 and worked in a steel factory there. He moved to Western Canada in 1972. Here one of his jobs was at a foundry.

We met in 1978. We were together for 28 years before he passed away.
Sig loved country music and loved to go dancing. He enjoyed watching sports. He loved to gaze at the stars at night and read only Sci-Fi novels.

Sig and I spoke very often about wishing we could go into space, even if it was a one-way trip.

We had a few good friends and a lot of acquaintances.

The Wife of Siegfried H. Warstat

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