Memorial Spaceflights

Sharon Krueger and Bion Pohl


First she heard his laugh, then she saw his smile. Bion's sense of humor was limitless, and soon everyone in the room would be laughing, too. He was a tinkerer, maker, dreamer, hacker, programmer, writer, collector. From childhood, he had the knack for taking gadgets apart, seeing how to improve them, and making them work better. He sought creative outlets such as the Society for Creative Anachronism and ATXHackerspace, and volunteered many hours with them to give back as much as he got from them. His concern for animals meant he ran through a field of poison ivy to help one injured kitten, and took apart his own storage shed to rescue a litter of kittens hiding below. He would stop to help a stranger, and drop everything to bail out...or, a friend. He was known to invent a creative adult beverage to share and then say, "Here, drink this!" He overcame hardships and losses, and yet always had great love for family, friends, and those around him. He cared about the earth and everything on it. He looked to the stars and envisioned all they saw.

Because of these things and so much more, Sharon adored Bion, and happily became his beloved bride. Bion would jokingly say that he became her pet, but that's a whole other story...

Sharon is honoring Bion's wish to be among the stars by sending a portion of his ashes into space along with a sample of her DNA, so they can travel together for many more years than they were able to be together in this life.

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