Memorial Spaceflights

Roy Andrew Brady

"When we see the Moon, we will smile. We love you!"


Andy was an amazing man. He was a proud Vietnam Veteran Marine, earning the Purple Heart and other prestigious awards. He started learning to fly in his teens and continued after his service to earn his Commercial Airlines Certificate. He was a commercial pilot from 1978 until his retirement in 2015. During that time, he became a well-respected instructor for twenty years, earning the highest designations. He met his flight attendant wife in 1979, and they were married for 42 years. He is survived by her, Linda Brady, and his two daughters,  Kate Gausche  (SIL John) and Heather Wallace. Also, Granddaughter Haley Rybarczyk (Matt), Grandson Brett Wallace, his brother Steve Brady (Toni), and sister Georgia Brady (Bill).

 Andy was always a lover of space. He wanted to be the first man on Mars but settled for flying in our atmosphere. He loved and knew all the stars and was frequently observing them, pointing out and teaching us all about them.  

He was an avid reader, having thousands of books, all of which he read. He loved anything military and was an owner of all types of weapons. He loved our pets, and they loved him. He could be found frequently on the couch covered in dogs and cats, despite his allergies. He loved camping and the outdoors before his health became a problem. Most of all, he was passionate about his family. He was involved in every activity that his daughters joined. He even earned the “Father of the Year” award from the Girl Scout troop he helped with. 

We traveled extensively, and he always related the history of places we visited. There wasn’t much that he didn’t know, and he was a great partner at Jeopardy on all things geology, history, and geography.

Andy was funny and kind. He leaves a huge gap in our family and is, and always will be, missed.

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