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Robert Saut, Jr.

"Set your course by the Stars"
1956 - 2021

Robert "Bob" A. Saut, Jr.

Astronomer, Photographer, Conservationist

Bob was born on September 11, 1956, in Pensacola, Florida, the eldest of 5 children to Robert A. Saut, Sr. and Mary Jean Cherry Saut.

As a young boy, Bob was enthralled with the Space Race to Moon. He often, spent his entire allowance purchasing, designing, painting and launching model rockets, while his siblings became his recovery team. Bobby spent many, many nights gazing/tracking the stars and planets.

He served in the US Air Force, stationed at Langley AFB, in Virginia and served in the Air Force Reserves 9/11 Tactical at Pittsburgh International Airport.

In 1987-88, Bob followed a dream and worked for the US Science Foundation. For 18 months, he worked in Antarctica, assisting with experiments, data collection, driving large Snow Cats across the ice, explored ice caves and took beautiful photos of the penguins and the landscape. He also took part in their New Year's Day polar plunge.

Bob spent most of his career working as an aviation mechanic, for Northwest/Delta Airlines in Minneapolis/St Paul and Duluth, Minnesota.

Bob also worked at Wallop Island, VA and at Edwards AFB, in California, with NASA on Space Shuttle Aircraft Carrier. He was selected to help remove the sensitive equipment from the aircraft carrier after the Space Shuttle program was retired.

Bob loved sharing his photos of the Stars, Comets, the Sun, the Planets, Nature and other wildlife, and they brighten our days.

Every year he would attend a weekend long astronomy event held at Blackwater Falls, WVA, held by the Kanawha Valley Astronomical Society. Bob loved science, history, reading and travel. He sent the funniest cards on birthdays and holidays.

"I have Loved the Stars too fondly, to be fearful of the Night."

(The Old Astronomer to his Pupil by Sarah Williams)

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