Memorial Spaceflights

Robert (Bobby) A. Moran

"Fly Bobby Fly! Up, up to the sky..."
1954 - 2021

If you are reading this bio; then it appears I have missed my scheduled dental appointment on Saturday, February 13th, 2021. More importantly, after working for 50 plus years for various companies in NYC pushing numbers, clearly; my retirement plan did not include “dying anytime soon.” Only a few more weeks to go and I would have been free as a bird. Anyway, my nightmare scenario occurred while cleaning the ice off my car windshield. It was very sudden and unexpected, to say the least. With that said, my path changed in an instant and a new journey took flight.

Speaking of flights, how phenomenal is the Aurora Flight? Certainly, this will check off a dream imagined since childhood. Afterall, space is the ultimate final frontier. Surely, I would have preferred to experience it alive, but “C’est la vie.”

I remember, my sister, Bonnie and I were always trying to finagle our parents so we could stay up past our bedtime to watch Star Trek. Oh, how I longed for a Transporter and a Food Synthesizer. The epitome of my kind of convenience. Most importantly, the vast experience and knowledge obtained through space travel is awe-inspiring. I had just finished watching Season One of Star Trek Discovery and was really looking forward to Season Two & Three. As you can see, my plans have been severely derailed.

Moving on … I suspect my sister, as usual, has plenty to say; therefore, while I contemplate the afterlife and learn to navigate this new realm, without further delay I yield to Bonnie.

Bobby, you can imagine my shock when I received a message to call your neighbor and friend, saying I need to call her ASAP and it’s about your brother Bob. I knew what was coming. I made the call and when she said you were gone my only response was, “What!” I was nearly speechless if you can imagine that?

Seriously, this was not a part of the retirement plan we discussed. I wake up every day and wonder why you are not calling once, twice, three or more times daily. There are no texts or emails and I struggle to wrap my head around the reality of this event. The silence is truly deafening. Nevertheless, it is more important to celebrate your life by concentrating on all that you were while acknowledging your extraordinary evolution.

One of your dearest friends of 40 plus years, George, captured your essence when he wrote, “Bob was a cerebral creature. He welcomed the exercise of the intellect. Ever the voracious reader with a passion for history especially royalty. Whether in subjects cultural, psychological, or scientific, Bob delighted in the attainment of knowledge. I know that the part of him being shot up into the stars will love that new perspective with which to think.”

“The free, exploring mind of the individual human is the most valuable thing in the world.” - John Steinbeck, East of Eden

Always the convivial guest at social events; in your absence Bobby, your friends gathered to celebrate your life in NYC from near and far.

Condolences poured in: “Bob had an inner goodness and kindness. He deserves a first-class ticket to Heaven.” “Bob was a wonderful man and a sparkling conversationalist – truly one of a kind.” “Bob’s storytelling skills and sharp wit will be remembered, especially among his family and friends.” “Bob truly was a sweet soul.” “A wonderful, funny & fabulous man.”

Memories were shared, cosmopolitans and your favorite foods were in abundant supply. Clearly, laughter was on the menu along with plenty of tears. Everyone misses you.

You will be scattered in the ocean near Haulover Inlet October 30, for your 67th Birthday with a small contingency of close friends and family. Another soiree will ensue in FLL (Fort Lauderdale) to celebrate your life with more friends in attendance.

Your earthly travels will continue as Andreas and I work our way through many destinations you either missed or intended to revisit. Seattle, Vancouver, Boston, Quebec City, Barcelona, 607 of course, and many other destinations will have the honor of your lasting presence.

I will remember with fondness our childhood antics. Plotting against our parents to achieve whatever it was we wanted … always fun. Jumping on their bed and breaking it while they were sleeping. Will you ever forget their faces? Now picture Glorwah (sic) armed with her fly swatter attempting to punish us for some nonsense. Placing us in opposing corners as punishment just strengthened our resolve. She didn’t stand a chance. We were always 10 steps ahead.

So many fabulous stories to tell, but not enough time and space. Your passion for all that life on Earth offered was truly extraordinary. You now have infinity to explore and, as a bonus, you can sleep like a log whenever you want.

Everyone that went before has the pleasure of your company, Mom (Gloria), Dad (Loren), Nan and Uncle Steve and many personal friends. My destiny was to be the last of the “Fighting Moran’s,” as Nan always called us.

You always told me, “I am the only one who really knows and understands you.” Bobby, you were 100% correct. My promise is that I have and will continue to use that knowledge as you expect. Thank you for continuing to provide these remarkable tools, especially, those that no one else could possibly imagine. We are so alike, yet so different and now you understand with crystal clarity.

Bobby, just know that I will always miss you and love you forever. Until…

I yield back to my brother Bob.

What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imagination and our feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it.” - Carl Jung

Anyway, what’s doin? I’ve had some time, seven months to be exact, to explore my evolution. I am everywhere… It’s so cool and there is so much to do and learn. Visiting with old friends, family, and meeting so many others that have made the jump before me. Truly remarkable, but still, I miss my life, friends & family on Earth. Not to worry everyone it’s only TTFN.

Particularly, I miss British Night, Masterpiece Theatre, Chinese takeout, desserts, chocolate, Mallomars, SNL, Stephen Colbert, my music, books, old/new films and more… Talking with friends and meeting at Posh. Hey, I can still dream. Luckily, Bonnie will keep me posted on all my interests, she has the venues and “she is far more organized than I am.”

Alas, it’s time to get back to the Aurora Flight. I can’t wait to get the show on the road. “Tick-tock,” as Bonnie would say.

Sorry for any delays, as usual I’m doing things on Bob time.

Tons to do, a bientot.

Must dash.



P.S. I cancelled the dental appointment. Good news no charge. – Bonnie XXOO!

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