Memorial Spaceflights

Robert Alan Baumann

"Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of Earth…"
1954 - 2021

Robert “Bob” Baumann passed away on May 30, 2021, on his 67th birthday in Loudoun, VA. His friendly smile and handshake brought joy to those around him, even in his last days.

Born in Virginia to a Navy aviation family, Bob grew up in Hawaii and San Diego.  He enjoyed life and loved model airplanes and rockets, especially fascinated by the moon landings. A passionate person, after graduating from Point Loma High School in 1972 he followed his dreams where they led him, hitch-hiking across the country to view the total eclipse in Cap-Chat Quebec, across the Atlantic where he spent time living in Paris.  He then joined the Army and was introduced to computers, a career that would stay with him for his entire life. After the Army, he joined Honeywell where he met his wife, Mary. He was sent to Belgium as an analyst where he and Mary were married in 1979 before returning to The United States.

A long-time resident of Northern Virginia during his 41-year marriage to Mary, his career focused on creating custom software solutions and helping others with their technology needs through his company Computerwise Consulting Services. Together they had twin boys: Edward and Jonathan. During their time in Virginia, they attended McLean Presbyterian Church where he served as a Deacon and helped start its ministry to the elderly in nursing homes. Bob shared his love of space through model rocketry and telescopes with his family and friends.

Throughout his life, Bob loved space, aviation, and all forms of technology. It is the honor of his family to send him into space aboard the Aurora flight to commemorate the life-long passions that he held and to give him one last countdown on the launch pad. 

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