Memorial Spaceflights

Richard Ross McCormick

"My Restless Spirit Flies"
1956 - 2019

There are so many things about life

   which should be cherished...

because they'll never come again

The deep black sky

   over Pike's Peak

The endless sea of stars

   seen from the twilight at the back of Gate's Pass

the cerulean view of the sky

   from a mountaintop at sunset

the deep purple gloaming at the bottom of the sea of Cortez


the breathless way you feel

   from the soar and drop of a roller coaster

which makes you feel giddy

   like you're in love for the first time


the feeling you get skimming over the waves

   on a surfboard or a sailboard

or kissing the one you love

or soaring silently in a glider, disturbed only by the wind of your passage

over the red painted desert landscape of an Arizona sunset

seeing again through eyes undimmed by time

such things are both a vision and an unobtainable dream


I borrowed this life from my mother

   but I must return it to my god

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