Memorial Spaceflights

Philip 'Chick' Bolton

"Not the end just the Beginning"
1948 - 2005

A loving husband, dad and grandad is about to embark on his biggest adventure yet. Born and bred in Coventry, England, he lived his life amorously, filled purely with the love of living.

A well-traveled, funny man who sailed the world in the merchant navy and settled in Coventry with the love of his life whom he married and lived his life with for 40 years. Phil was an accomplished musician who loved music: He was British harmonica champion and also played guitar.

Three children whom he loved, five grandchildren whom he adored ... funny granddad.

A keen astronomer, he spent hours freezing in the middle of winter looking at the stars till the early hours in his garden, which he loved — the same garden that he would sit and watch the birds in ... armed only with a warm cardigan and a bottle of whiskey, he was home.

Dad, you were like a bolt of lightening sent from heaven: You touched our lives and made it electric; you were unpredictable like the storm, but warm like the feeling of the rain on our faces.

57 years you were lent ... a lifetime you will be missed. Fly high dad, be at peace with the stars until we meet again.

God Bless ... Goodnight ... xxx

The Family of Philip "Chick" Bolton

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