Memorial Spaceflights

Omer A. Dery

"What a magnificent view!"
1927 - 1999

As I told the grandchildren, he'll be stardust. They really like that idea -- to see the stars twinkle and think it might be Granddad.

--Murlene Dery

Omer A. Dery, a long-time space enthusiast, was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, on June 15, 1927. He graduated summa cum laude from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales, New Mexico, with a degree in psychology. He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War.

While in the military, he traveled through Denver, Colorado. Later he moved to the mile-high city to make it his permanent home.

Omer was employed in several psychology positions, including working with mentally handicapped and underprivileged children in Chicago. Computers then caught his interest. He was the data processing manager for the Colorado Potato Growers Exchange until his retirement in 1989.

Omer was a long-time member of the Denver Astronomical Society. He taught his children and grandchildren about the planets, even developing a computer program as a teaching aid. It gave him great joy to see their faces light up when they saw the moon orbit the earth or the rings of Saturn on the computer screen.

Books were a passion with Omer, he had a variety of favorite authors: Tom Clancy, Isaac Asimov, Clive Cussler, Carl Sagan, and Ayn Rand. He based much of his life on the philosophy of Ayn Rand and many of his dreams on the works of the science fiction/fact authors. Omer enjoyed music almost as much as reading. His favorite was classical, but he enjoyed dancing to country western. His favorite sport was football. It was great for him to see his Broncos win their back-to-back Super Bowls!

Omer spent many evenings working on a model train with his son. He enjoyed the planning and building, but most of all he enjoyed the company of his son, Ian.

In addition to his son, Omer is survived by his wife Murlene (Marty); daughter Roxanne Thomas; stepsons Rob Fisk, Andy Guyer, Glenn Guyer and Scott Guyer; stepdaughter Lorri Rivas; sister Gabrielle Drapeau; 16 grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

Omer Dery died February 22, 1999, after a determined battle with cancer. Now he will get to see the magnificent view of space he had dreamed about his entire life.

"Omer was an intellectual, a poet, an artist, a lover and most of all, my best friend."

--In loving memory, Marty


While at a dance, by chance we meet 
And from that point our night's complete. 
(Recalling now: to you I'll tell 
That you and I, we dance so well.)

O'er coffee cups we talk till dawn 
And then exclaim: 
"How time has gone!" 
(Remember: to you I'll say 
That we can chat both night and day.)

While out with Nature we take strolls 
And in this setting bare our souls. 
(In retrospect: to you I'll state 
That walks with you I now await.)

Out on the court we pant and run 
And hit back balls till setting sun. 
(Recollecting: to you I'll claim 
That play with you is but my aim.)

While making love we laugh and smile 
And glow with passion all the while. 
(In thinking back: to you I'll voice 
That your caress makes me rejoice.)

Out in the pool we dive and swim 
And thus enjoy remaining trim. 
(Reminiscing: to you I'll note 
That with your figure some would gloat.)

While dining out we eat and drink 
And 'neath the table fingers link. 
(In reflecting: to you I'll boast 
That all your wares require a toast.)

Of future interludes we dream 
And thus continue with this theme. 
(In time ahead: to you I'll ask 
That our enjoyment be our task.)

--by Omer A. Dery


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