Memorial Spaceflights

Nikolas Kirin Menage

"One With the Universe Now"
1999 - 2019

“this child, who had just turned into a man
a man with a bright and exciting life before him
a life of discovery, of knowledge and of infinite possibilities”.

Truly, a parent can only know a part of their child´s character, especially when this child becomes a teenager. For us, Kirin was ambitious and adventurous, kind and polite. He was hardworking but still found time for his friends and the people in his life.

He lived his life to the fullest, never missing out on an opportunity to experience new things, eager to learn new skills or to make new friends. And although we could still see the child in him, he would often surprise us with a wisdom beyond his twenty years. He was liked by everyone that knew him - and loved by many.

He let us know he was happy and content with what he had achieved so far and with his dreams for his future: to go into space, to make a difference in the scientific world, to make the world a better place, to spread love and positive energy, to be known as a wise man.

Sadly, these dreams died with him, in one tragic moment in 2019.

Except for one dream.

Kirin was always interested in space. As a child he would draw and write stories of rocket ships and space travel. As a boy in school he wrote his thesis about the nature of black holes and as a student he studied Physics, to try to understand the universe and his place within it.

And so with this journey he will have his dream, to be able to circle the earth and look down on us, as we watch for him among the stars.

Fulfilling this dream is our last gift to you, Kirin. With all our love, Neil, Berit and Lina.  

“Peace will be come to the hearts of men when they realise their oneness with the universe.” - Black Elk

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