Memorial Spaceflights

Nancy Sue Brock

1963 - 2005

Although Nancy was born in Seattle, Washington, she grew to adulthood in Fresno, California. She was a spirited youngster, the valedictorian of her high school class, an honor student at California State University, Sacramento, and a well respected microbiologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills.

In addition to working at Cedars, Nancy was sought out to oversee upgrading the standards of private doctor's in-house labs, acted as a consultant on several medical television series, and was an advocate for stricter state regulations and credentials for laboratory technicians.

Beyond her devotion to her profession, Nancy was an avid reader of Science Fiction, and had over 600 books in her library. She enjoyed needlepoint, epicurean cooking, fishing, vacations in Hawaii, Renaissance fairs, and most of all her beloved cat, Aerin.

Doing much of the work herself, her project of rebuilding a property in Tujunga Canyon was an amazing feat. During this time she learned to be a Master Gardener, a skilled carpenter/electrician, and able plumber, and an artistic tile layer. She was very proud that she accomplished the task that others thought to be unachievable.

Ode to Nancy------IMAGE 4

Since Nancy was a youngster, science fiction was her reading material. The microscope, her hobby and then her profession. Star Trek, her favorite program and the Renaissance period of history, her age. She walked a different path than most, but to her credit it was her path.

This spiritual adventure on which I send her is my gift to her memory and I will honor her with her victory cry ---- TA - HO!

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